The Eyes Of the Dragon

You arrive here with the truth
Of some distant and remote place.
Your soul never peacefully rested,
It was seeding the faith.

Sweet body light woman
In your glance the power shines.
Your magic can save to us
Of the eyes of the dragon.

The world did not know to listen
That sad truth in your voice.
And the tyrannous foolish man ordered
To condemn your mission.

Your eyes do not shine more,
Bewitching white has done to you badly.
And in your bitter solitude
You return to the eternity.

The time happened, arrived in the end
And all together ones we thought about vos.
Soon the terror the sky covered
When the sun exploded.

You do not feel pain by my,
In this world no longer there is place.
Your spell will free to me
Of the eyes of the dragon.