Memories Of The Golden Dragon
(Growing Up)

  Upon questioning by another, broken memories of my happy childhood jumped to the surface of my mind.  At first they were  just vague impressiond of color and objects, but when I started relating them to another they became clearer and more detailed.

I remembered a blue cape being worn by my love, of course we weren't in love then, but childhood playmates.  He put it on a blanket like a cape and said that he was the king of all the dragons.  Then he told me that I much bow down to him. He looked so serious and kingly that I reached inside the cape and began tickling him, and while he was laughing I grabbed the blanket and tried to run, but he grabbed me and we both fell onto the golden granite of the cave floor, rolling around all tangled up in that silly blanket

I remember a small group of dragons living up in to hills.  The caves we lived in were all light gold granite, one or two shades lighter then I, but much lighter than my love's dark golden skin.  There was a human village not far away.

I remember his golden cave because it had a small window in the roof.  We used to lie under it and look at the night black sky with the diamond stars.  He would wrap me in his soft wings while I nuzzled his chest.  The cave had the usual golden sandstone of all our caves. 

When I got my cave I decorated it with purple velvet drapes and great big fluffy purple and white pillows. 

I remember flying over purple mts and looking at the rock formation and the lake below.

I remember flying with him and trying to slide down a rainbow when we were quite young.

The only other memory I have was of the most important day of my life.  We went together to our favorite hiding place.  There was a small grassy area filled with the greenest grass and it was shielded by trees. 
There was a small pool with a bubbling waterful that came out of the mtn.  We were in that grove and he reached over playfully and I looked at him.  Out eyes met and I knew then that this dragon was the love of my life and that my life was his and that we were destined to be together.  It was hard to believe that this magnificent dragon, who held my heart, was the same bratty youth I had played with for so many years.  I know by what transpired then, that he felt it just as strongly as I did.  Afterward we bathed in the pool spashing in the waterfall.



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