Memories Of The Golden Dragon
(Playing In The Clouds)

  My future love, although I didn't know it then,  and I were sitting together quietly (for once), looking up at the soft billowy clouds over our heads.  We were very young and had just started our flying lessons. 

I said, ' that it would be fun stuff to roll around in, so soft and fluffy.'

He said to me, 'You know we have just started flying and have forbidden to fly alone.'

So I, naughty dragon that I must have been, dared him and said he was afraid and flew up just above him.  I knew he would follow me up there.  There was a small billowy piece that was really puffy that I planned to pick up and hit him with. (I told you that I was mischievous and playful when I was a young hatchling).
I darted into the thick cloud bank, but when I got in there it was like a mist.  There was no substance at all and it felt wet.  All my scales had droplets on them.  It surely surprised me, and I think he was surprised too. 

He chased me through and around the clouds, until we lost all track of the time spent, but our wings were not used to such strenuous use and began to hurt so we soared back down to the ground.

The growns had been looking for us and were very upset with us for disregarding their wishes, but I could see a slight secret smile on my dad's face and realized he was secretly pleased with our audacity.

We were, however given a severe talking to, and were grounded and forbidden to go out to our secret places for a week.



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