Transcript 2-15-03
(K) & (N) & ( V)

I have a ?  are u sure u won't meet someone else that fits better into your picture of N?  after all there are so many blanks and holes? 
As to that - I'll take that should it happen. To be brutally honest, I don't see how so many parallels could be mirrored or outdone by anyone else - even this is faster than I would expect. 
And, on another note - did you mention the fact that one of us was darker than the other to V? 
after all u have only been looking a short time and why would all of us be here on earth and not some other place and just happen to meet and all an awful lot of fate  Hmm 
no I didn't.
In that case... add that to the list of parallels. He said as much to me on his own yesterday and I nearly fell over. 
what did he say exactly
He said that he remembered two golds, but exactly that - one being darker than the other (me) 
that was my ? did he just say 1 was darker and then u say or did he specify u 
did u hint around 
No, I didn't - he flat out said it without any nudging from me. 
Zip. Zero. Nada. 
And he didn't specify who - I jumped right up and said that the darker was me... and HE asked me why I was so sure. -_- 
see u should have let him come up with that determination then there would have been greater validity 
u give too much information though it is interesting the 1st observation. 
Personally, I found the simple fact that he made that distinction directly, without any nudging, was enough. Asking him which was which might have sparked a hint on my part. 
Besides... there will be more than just that. 
maybe but u know me this is very hard and I am very skeptical 
Besides... there will be more than just that.  ????? 
In terms of memory questions. It's a given. 
I hope so that is what makes me believe the most although it is unbelievable 
 My dragon friend asked if I liked u 
I told him was "like" wasn't the right word under the circumstances
and this was far beyond any feelings as simple as the heart 
that you touched my soul the very inner core of my being the intrinsic me 
As have you. =) 
but told him anything like this is doomed 
*sighs* I honestly hope for the best, no matter how long it takes for that to be. Or which lifetime. 
What irks me is that constant sensation that there's some far-off event that will cause such to be again. 
I... can't put it into words. 
If I could really believe all that then I would be satisfied
*nods* Same here. 
I have my doubts, at times. Mostly I keep them to myself, so as not to frighten anyone. 
because I can be patient for completion the only thing scary is that I don't believe in the possibility and so fear it will never happen 
Ironically, my Arthurian lit class got too close to the subject for comfort earlier. 
"Never doubt the power of denial." 
in what way any help in this belief would be a welcome thing
That and they brought up the young man and much older woman as a MOTIF today. I wanted to cry, though maintained my composure amazingly well. 
Someday I want to get a hold of the little man that runs fate and wring his neck. 
For such a nice mockery of the problems here. 
u know I wonder if talk of our present existence while necessary in some level to know things will interfere with discovery of what past there is if there is and u can tell from this confusion why I think B will probably judge me nuts 
confusion reigns 
mainly meeting u and then why wasn't I 16 or some such 
My friend hates being 16 and it is not the greatest age and I never wanted to go back that far , but now I wish I could 
Furthermore... I understand. I've wanted to be older, myself - both so I could escape the trappings of immaturity (and peers that delve into such) as I'd like to make this happen again.... somehow. 
it was written well i guess but showed increasing amts. of confusion and pleas for assistance. 
*sigh* But what will happen, will happen. I just wish I could shake that sense that something looms on the horizon. 
like some world event? 
But I don't know what. 
or some personal revelation? 
might be annihilation if we keep talking war 
More like both, rolled into one and expanded exponentially. 
No... not an apocalypse in that sense. 
Just... a *something* 
well that would resolve all the ? we would know the truth 
can't imagine what will happen 
If only it were that easy. I plan, myself, to go on with what I have to work with... but that sensation occasionally distracts me from that pursuit, at times. 
that u think is of such importance 
I honestly don't know. It's just a looming sensation. 
well I am not pursuing much so nothing to be distracted from 
As I said, what will happen, will happen. 
anyway i was asking V what his message meant are u talking to him cause you are both slow on the response? 
Nope. I'm not at all at the moment. 
giving him advice he probably doesn't want 
I've never chatted much before so don't know all of these games and places 
Mainly worked on my site and ignored people .. chats usually boring 
No kidding. Idly chat in #draconic can be a very scary thing, at times. 
Example: Entire discussion on the "taste" of blood. I just blinked and watched... 
I just told V he always handled problems well just a feeling I had 
Same problems? Joy. 
Hmm... "Dragons Anonymous?" 
Just an off the wall joke - feel free to hit me for it. 
nothing to do with dragonity, but that came through 
that he could take care of it 
He is talking of being with the 2 of us in our special place 
And which special place, exactly? The waterfall, the field near it, or my cave? 
u don't remember which was our special place that he would be there 
V has been added to the conversation. 
  *pounces N* 
runs squealing behind V
i like that nick... V 
I think he wants me to leave V what do u think? 

meep is beyond me too 
what in the name of all is MEEP? 
Shades of mIRC - meep being the replacement for "eek" 
But in a less intense sense. 
and from someone who USED to be so verbal and eloquent 
Anyway... *pulls out a ball-n-chain and keeps N in chat* 
are u going to listen to V or fight all nite? 
But but but... 

That's the N I know... fiery temper and all. 
I'm sure he doesn't want to watch u make a fool out of yourself 
(Too late) 
too true 
so now V quick talk before he takes over again 
(Urge to kill... rising...) 
V is an intelligent problem solver u need to give him a chance 
me what 
so tell K your memory he is really out of it today 
maybe he will get back into our reality 
but I don't understand why u were asleep.  In my memory of the same place we 3 were all talking together 
Oh... I know which you mean, now. 
Place right by the field again.
and i dont know is i was "asleep" 
but mine was the day before our grownhood 
how is that? 
your was a field????? 
The one he's describing is from there. 
Yours is from near the waterfall. 
My memory was in the grove of trees near the waterfall pool 
That's what I mean. 
Two separate occurrences. 
nothing like a field and maybe his was a different time and place 
Not a field, per se - just a clearing, right beside the path that lead up to the waterfall. 
Through a few trees, to be exact. 
don't remember that place at all 
the place u pointed to before i gave u a blow? 
Imagine a long strip that led from that waterfall... almost a gravel pathway, yet natural, with a stream following along on the side that stemmed from the waterfall. Yes, there. 
Knocked the wind out of me. x_x 
a punch, hahaha 
don't have any memory of that 
Move like a lunge, damn you. 
I think you were watching through the trees at the time. 
sorry but not fitting anything remembered 
I don't remember path to waterfall area.  I just assumed we flew there 
probably we did 
Well, there was a clearing or some such before it - very long and narrow. 
Almost like an outcropping of gravel or crushed rock. 
Pure white with gray flecks, against the crystal blue water. 
Try that. 
i just remember the clearing with trees that you could look out and see the waterfall 
Rather hard to explain the "how" or "why" to it - just started rambling in draconic over her for no apparent reason 
explain that "grownhood" you have mentioned twice 
Easiest way to know that I'm doing that instead of rambling in pure gibberish is when I start tripping over syllables that I simply can't pronounce. 
i.e. when one is considered an adult.
mmmm... that sounds weird, there is no exact time when u become adult, u grow into it 
*is confused* 
Like a ceremony of that, though. Almost like a Bar Mitzvah, but for dragons and without the rabbi. 
given responsibilities
oh, k, kinda get it now 
as sort of a training for future responsibilities 
not finally responsibility but beginnings of adult responsibility 
no more fun and play all the time 
more fun to play and splash in the water pool 
flying through the spray 
Hehe - who needs a sprinkler system, at that? 
splashing K with water 
sprinkler, even 
Yep... and splashing right back. Wings beat arms for that sort of thing 
I have a little "problem" right now - there are rare times where I feel as though standing or sitting upright are off balance - and feel all sorts of vertigo unless I lay down. Not sure if it's psychosomatic, or an actual reaction, but I'd say it's conflict between the urge to be bipedal versus quadripedal, as best as I can describe it. 
Do u remember the waterfall pool? 
N: He does - he remembered drinking from it before, as he related to me on his own. 
A *while* back. 
pool or waterfall pool 
The latter. 
Usually my problem comes up if I stick to going for memories or spiritual topics of thought for too long. As I said, I can just will it away, but there's something to it. 
V was wondering what memories u had of the waterfall pool for when I remember u I remember u there and just one other place 
k, i got the memory while i was drinking water i and when i told K about it, he said things that descried it perfectly 
and, what other place do u remember seeing me in? 
but I really don't know if his memory is the same as mine 

did you fly were you splashing 
what was the fall like what was the water like 
I told u I think in pictures color objects feelings
Sigh... first vertigo, now language is trying to get out again. What a day... -_- 
well i was leaning upon it and drinking (with forelegs against the waterfall) i remember the water being very clear, like if it was melted snow, and a small pool or something at the bottom 
how big 
pool and fall 
flowers or veg? 
i cant tell, because i was against it, nuzzle half in the waterfall, drinking 
and all my memories are flash like, very quick 
I just got a pic of the 3 of us younger playing in the pool together 
Mo'shefa meyashi mosena sheva, meganeh mesayano shenashefa sa. Meyagano nega mono shamehfa sa, moganaya. Maseva meh sheh, mosaii shcha. Kra'ga'toh sa, meyana mosii shava sa, meganafo. Sh'krazayama. - Okay, that was interesting. 
then k described it to me 
buy a dictionary k!! 
lol, just kidding
Good luck. I think I'd have better luck winning the lotto than finding a dictionary on dragonese. 

I agree though that language IS frustrating every once in a while I get a feeling about a word but mostly gibberish 
You know N - I didn't like it when you splashed me in the eyes quite so much back then, either. 
What you said about struck a nice mental image. In Technicolor. 
I got the impression I was trying to dunk u when V came to my aid 
and helped me push u under 
Heh. It's interesting, having 7 limbs flailing as I got dunked, too. Wings, arms, tail and all. I wasn't very happy after that, either. 
No that is why we both flew up 
Well, *one* of you did manage to dunk me once. 
I was very displeased. 
we both jumped on u 
It was sooo funnneee 
probably because u said something that deserved a "cold look" 
I can see u spluttering when you came up 
"Ochifa meyaganashema! So'vena sheshchsha! Ove'na N, ove'na!" - funneling words I said after out of the memory. 
Yep. I was pissed. 
It was worth it 
damn, that language has some resemblance to german 
Problem is, 12-20% of the sounds cannot be reproduced on a human tongue. Seriously. 
Yet I still remember the sound. 
V I think we should give u the job of writing the Dragonese dictionary since u are multilingual 
"sheshchsha" would be a fun thing to try saying... 
Bah. Here I am, fractured bilingual with that as a side language, and HE gets the job? 
I'm tired of him spouting off with all this stuff I don't understand 
but here, german language "unites" words as to form a complex one ( something like to say "big red tall elevator" altogether) now, this word meyaganashema" sounds like 3 parts joined together 
It's just how I would write it. It wasn't a written language. 
just a thought, just a thought 
N, it would be nice if I even knew what some of it meant. 85% seems to come directly from my subconscious. 
no u should write it seriously 
Which, shall we say... is annoying. 
write it, then take it to a specialist to decipher it 
start writing from words that are positive u have a whole list 
Every time I write it here, I drop it in my notes text file. No worries. 
people that study how to decipher codes and are very experienced in languages 
ok how many words do we have now? 
I honestly doubt a so-called specialist would go to such lengths for what one guy seems to have "invented." Would laugh at me and ask if I spoke Klingon too. 
Erm. Too many. 
I know what it means, but specialist in Dragonese??? 
He means a language scholar. 
no! just in languages, but they can find the meaning to codes and languages, if you give then enough time and material to work on 
Three problems with that. 
1) It's a purely spoken language. 
good one 
so was indian 
2) At that, syllables CANNOT be reproduced on a human tongue at times. 
3) if I force it, a good portion IS gibberish. 
i see, i wasn't being serious about it, ye know? 
Heh, but I took it seriously 
well it was good job for one of you make a dic of known correct words 
So far those are few and far between. And I have more curse words than actual words confirmed, at this point. 
Shevanka, Moh shepah, Vantah (well, not a curse there), and Ove'na so far, with a few that came and went. 
just like me when i was learning another language
*sigh* Just wanted to call you Vitru again V. 
go ahead if you want 
yes he has a way of cutting to the heart of the matter if we could just get him to talk 
Not exactly - it's not something I want to do on that level, just...................... 

... nothing. 
no, tell me, im here to listen 
*evil grin* Someday, I might take this sort of thing to a shrink. Just for the look he'll give me when I come clean. 
Will be more than worth the fee for that one moment. 
as they lead you away in a straight jacket 
Well, that might be bad, yes... 
and I will deny it all 
V: I don't know - call it a lingering feeling. 
Just like that name: Vatru'vesa Maya'gano 
Erm... ! 
Just realized that same word - Maya'gano - came up in that long paragraph I wrote earlier. 
To quote myself... I guess: "Meyagano nega mono shamehfa sa, moganaya." 
family name clan name maybe 
I hate when that happens, though. That's the other part that screams the fact that it's not gibberish. Recurring words and phrases. 
No, definitely not a clan name 
Family name, however... is a maybe. 
And Vitru'sayama wasn't the name used, at that time. It was more of a short thing or something in passing. 
Almost... like a joke? 
*grins* Come to think of it... 
I think I made all sorts of hell for you when you got that title or something similar - because you guys made fun of me when I got stuck as the "responsible sucker." 
i dunno what to talk about, but i have a question, where did "vitru" come from ? 
I think we decided yesterday it meant absolute truth without even being questionable 
Just leapt out at me the other day while talking with one of you... that and when N said what the word meant I nearly fell out of my chair. 
For not remembering it myself* 
N: does "vitru" mean that?! 
that was the feeling I got and I have had a feeling for only 2 words so far 
what's the other word? 
one for mother of K
Ma'sheva just ran me over 
I don't know why - but it's part of that. 
u know we were talking about your mom her color after I said that word sounded like your mom 
I never saw the word. 
What was it, exactly? 
Don't remember one of them u said we talked on it 
language not how I see usually inhibits if anything 
I like it as a tool, myself. 
usually cuts off thought for me 
no where to go dead end 

no picture no object no feeling no color gibberish 
i see 
For me it's as though a part of what I had to say... what I *really* had to say but made a mockery of using English or otherwise - is coming through fully. You see - when it comes to languages, I usually am able to get so good with it that it seems to be an extension of myself. It's why, now, a whole lot of that language seems to come through - because I'm so used to doing that. 
Lame jokes and all (Mosheni savena sheva? Meyashi ganefa...) 
 portion that comes through completely bypasses my conscious mind most of the time... so whatever I say means little or nothing to me. 
So... basically, all I end up with is long strings of gibberish that may or may not mean something, with very few means of distinguishing the real gibberish from the gibberish gibberish. 
*phew* So class... any questions? 
inhibits discovery because it is like a period the end with no where to go 
but Vitru was so clear 
With me it's like bypassing my problems and getting to the heart of the matter - like that. 
but u don't understand I don't understand V doesn't understand so it is no communication and stops flow of thought ... (took a communications class) 
a.r.g.h. The problem is I the subconscious connections between word and meaning aren't there anymore - and the whole thing either ends in me saying nothing at all or a whole lot that means nothing to me. 
Rinse, repeat, and add sleeplessness in for good measure. -_- 
as I said stops communication and thought 
yup yup
cya must go to sleep, nice talking to you 2 again, take care 
V has left the conversation. 
I liked our pool story too dunking u (grin) 
*sputter again* 
saving conv for editing later 
Next time, I say we dunk YOU 
I think Vitru liked his name 
Yes, I agree 
If we ever get there again, it would be my pleasure 
*grins* Someday, I hope.
anyway did u name him thus? 
Name him Vitru? It just jumped out at me. I was as amazed as you were when he actually changed his nick to it. 
but it suits him to   what is his full name do you know? 
Vitru'vesa Maya'gano is the best I have for that. 
he always got to the truth of the matter 
but he is much to quiet 
It would be nice if I were so sure "K" was fully legitimate. I do know the Me'fashina part is. 
At any rate, need to go.
well I am not sure of my name except u gave it.  The only revelation was that one very strong thought when looking at it that he called me K as a nickname
pleasant dreams 
Thanks. Before I go, though - what was the word you had for... my mother? 
I honestly don't remember you typed a bunch of word and I just thought and said to u I thought that was your mother's name and you said she was light or white or gold mixed in and named it Manila 
I want to say Mae'sheva Me'fashina, though. That? 
lang and words not my thing easily lost as I lost the name of my toy 
no clue 
*nods* At any rate, night 
I will try to dream of dunking u 


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