Transcript 4-26-03
(V) & (N) 

It's not hard for me to remember it, but i felt great physical pain the first time 
for what i can remember, i was flying, when i was attacked by someone ( i don't remember who, but K told me it has been so) i know that i had been flying for the first thing i remember was that i hit the floor hard, i had some blood on my muzzle and a feeling of wanting to kill someone..... 
.... then i can remember i started crawling towards the mountains (i think, cuz that what i saw straight ahead) and the wanting to kill someone was replaced for a feeling of treason (that's why i thought i had been betrayed by someone) and i kept going on, not being able to fly (probably i broke something in the fall) and i started feeling the pain of a wound at my right side just at what would.... 
the elbow be, but the wound was in my torso, it felt really big and deep, as if a chunk of meat had been bitten off or clawed off. i think i was bleeding off cuz i started feeling weak and cold, and i had a feeling of having failed someone (probably the dragon i was crawling to) and i kept going until i couldn't do so anymore, then i just stayed there on the snow until i gave to the cold, and i can 
[remember anything from there 
and something interesting I didn't know who we were fighting either just some horrible evil. 
i was meditating when i remembered this, and i could swear i could feel the pain, and at the end of the memory i passed out and woke up on the floor... 
who or what made u use the word traitor and when did u die K says he found u before the battle started and came home to tell me 
at first i thought it had been K who betrayed me, but it sounds more logical that it had been my clan 
your clan not possible 
someone did, probably to get to k... why not? 
not word clan is all support of shared everything 
maybe 1 member, but never whole clan betray 
maybe they didn't like me ^.-.^ 
no way a clan is your ...?home? 
and i refer more like to family clan... i really cant tell 
I know impossible for all to betray 
1 member maybe but even that hard to believe what does K say/ 
do you think we 3 were in the same clan? 
ok, sounded weird 
a blue in a gold clan, heh 
we discussed that and we were in the same cause we spent much time together, but u were in a nearby clan 
didn't see u as much 
ok, that's probable, i always believed i had been a loner before i met you 2 
I don't remember anyone but he gave the impression that u said u had one.  I remember u as a friend to us both, but too quiet and maybe a loner like u say 
maybe, if that is so, i haven't changed much 
do we change our intrinsic personality? 
i dunno 
I don't think that it is possible to change the inner core of ourselves 
now days im a quiet person, dedicated swimmer and student, but not a bored one, i like playing around and having interesting conversations 
sounds just like u then 
I m going to keep your death story it is so sad that chunk out of u I can visualize you crawling with your last breathe so horrible 
not a pleasant memory either 
K and I are talking about unpleasant memories too do u want to join us


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