Transcript 6-4-03
(V) & (N) & (K)

there was a thermal pool somewhere near my cave, i remembered this while i didn't believe in draconity big enough so that i could get in and keep just the head out of the water
well, not quite near my cave, cuz it was a secret i kept
but when you were disbelieving I remembered why my cave was hot and steamy In the back i had a thermal pool about the size of the one you speak of, like a bath tub 
what is interesting is we both remembered thermal pools independently
and the moons
It makes me wonder what else we remember that verifies
tell me the shade of the sky in the daytime and at night
if i get to remember it
hmm wish you would
but somehow violet comes to mind
so what else do you remember?
Oh my god
I can't believe it did someone tell you?
did i tell you before?
nope, yay did i know it right?
Yes both me and Praxa saw the day sky as purple
and the night sky as dark what?
nah, too weird to be true
but night sky dark what color
that's what i say that is too weird, the color that comes to mind for the night sky
*left alone  *
tell me the color
no you are not alone
i fear to get it wrong
please maybe right[
this one im not as sure as the other, very dark military green
what's interesting?
(btw i didn't want to tell cuz i wasn't sure, didn't felt as so)
I Am Currently Away, Probably Bleeding Lifeless On The Floor... Or Maybe Just Watching TV Downstairs
that was not the color K and I thought
that's why i didn't want to tell
don't push it next time please
it's ok any one can be wrong and so much right the sky the pools and the moons
what is 1 thing different next to all that positive
think on it what else do you remember
Did we ever visit where you live
dunno, i don't think so
but k knew that my cave was granite like in color
Those spiky caves were scary looking
lol, why?
hmm don't know
but scary 
mine golden and smooth
so u saw them?
the mountains
our caves in Mts. but used to fly over a Mts. where darker with a pool in a volcanic type crater
in a Mt.
black Mt. with a pool high up in the crater
well, should have been similar, since the pool i knew was probably heated by volcanic activity further down -- Mt. = mountain?
well this pool cold volcano extinct
but dark lava type rock
hmmm, well, my cave was a blue gray granite stone
like the pic i showed u
ours was a golden sandstone type
wonder where is was related to yours
Was your thermal pool near your cave
dunno, it was difficult to find partially hidden, a place i could go to escape for a while
was it near our caves?
don't think so, wouldn't fit the description
near yours
or neutral territory?
and Praxa mentioned a city
Do you remember a city?
me neither
i remember blue dragon gatherings, which i stayed away from
hmm but your dad went to them didn't he?
and brother
Hmm didn't remember you had a brother
are you sure?
got the image during the hypnosis, maybe a cousin or something
makes sense though
your dad we figured represented your clan and he brought you with him to negotiations
maybe left your brother in charge at home
maybe, cuz my brother/cousin looked older
yep but don't think we saw him more than once ot twice
usually brought you
yep brother too
grooming him to take over
I remember you felt unwanted or hurt..never could please him
my father? i didn't care
I thought you did
sort of grew away from us trying to please him
it probably hurt the fact that he didn't accept me the way i was, probably saw i had  talent for politics, which i didn't want to be involved in
didn't you get involved in politics and then didn't like what was happening?
and then came to warn us?
pushed by parents
too bad
at least im better now, ironic that i am planning to get into politics
probably not..same soul
lol swimming politics
lol, swimming, then when im too old to be in peak condition, get into politics
same things as then though
into swimming we all were
and you were in politics
your family very political
well, swimming came from my current family
I swam too in both
well, the influence to train comes from current family, though i always liked to swim
politics, well i wanted to help this country, get power to change it for good
many others in your family are drawn to this
others not training in swimming ..others not drawn to past makes you what you are
K wants to join us but i am enjoying our conversation..if it would make you stop I would rather he not come
no problem
    K has been added to the conversation.
 Do you remember cities, mtns.
Cities? Not really.
Meeting place, maybe - cities? I don't think so.
Praxa said she lived in a city but i don't remember one
me neither
caves somewhat near each other yeah
Well V - THAT I agree on.
me too
ah, if i ever remember the night sky ill tell ya
Sure thing. I know that one quite well - miss it.
be quiet
Actually, N - I wasn't planning to say anything. I know you want to blame me for saying too much, but -
he always tells to much
I disagree, dammit. But you can use that to mollify half the "proof" over time.
I generally keep a tight lip on things requiring confirmation - as with Silverfox.
hey guess what
No - what?
v knew the color of the sky in daytime
ah, wasn't good that i told the night sky without being sure
Depends - may have seen some of those drawings I made. 
hmmm... nope



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