Prayer To A Dragon

My Lord, hold above me Your mighty wing,
let me hear Your words carried by the wind.
I will obey, whatever You command,
I will be a servant of Your family and land.

I heard Your chants in the moonlit nights,
and I came to help You defend Your rights.
I saw You hiding within the great forest,
looking gently at the blackbirdís tiny nest,

then racing the hawks in the brightly blue sky,
flying into the Suns wildly burning eye.
I saw You swimming in a crystal-clear sea,
feeling myself as helpless as a bee,

as I looked at Your immeasurable strength,
when You created waves of ten miles in length.
I saw You standing on a mountain-peak,
making the thunderstorm appear soo weak,

a storm that You created using Your magick,
You made it strong, You shaped, perpetuated it.
You carry all the wisdom of this world,
considering humans as a nasty, wild herd

of mad beasts who kill everything ( nothing new !)
the same thought they dare to think about You.
You are the perfect ruler of the woods,
shielding in mist Natureís bleeding wounds,

You have a true heart and a faithful soul
and I shall help You to achieve Your goal.
What Your wish is I cannot tell nor does anyone,
Your words are secret, humans understand of it none.

But it is much better like this, I know it now,
I promise to save Your name somehow 
I shall be here, in an unmentioned state,
and Iíll bring Your knowledge back before itís too late.

Trust me, my Lord, You are the spirit of the Earth,
and please stay alive-Youíll know itís worth.
Keep fighting, donít give up, oh never
dragons must live-now and forever !