The Great War Of The Dragon's Land

Once long ago,
in a land covered in snow,
everything was peaceful and quiet.

Then one day,
a war far away,
could be heard from miles around.

The trumpets sang,
the swords went clang,
as the war had begun.

for days on end,
the war set a trend,
for other kingdoms nearby.

The war left it's mark,
and turned the land dark,
as the war raged on.

The dragons did soon sense,
the damage would be immense,
if the war continued to wage.

A message was sent,
and what was said, was meant,
if the war did not stop.

"We dragons will come,
we will destroy everyone,
if you continue this war!"

Still, the war continued to wage,
by now it couldn't be contained in a cage,
the war had gotten to strong.

There was a second warning,
it was received in the morning,
believing they were right,
the kings continued to fight.

Then one day,
as the dragons did say,
the dragons flew in to sort out the feud.

All battered and grazed,
all of the knights slowly blazed,
from the flames so rich from the dragons.

No more would the knights ride,
as they all slowly died,
the war was finally over.

The kings soon met their end,
as the dragons did send,
their wrath upon participating kingdoms.

Life afterwards,
was peaceful as the birds,
as the great war has finally ended.

By: Shaun Ferris & Nathan Lavin.