Dragon Love?

Is it love or egotism if I tell you I miss you?
Even though the dew is not dry on the morning lawn since I've last seen you.
I remember how soft your scales felt as you lay next to me.
Tried to remember if anything in my life ever felt so good.
I remember looking at you through eyes that was still dreaming of last night.
For a minute I wanted to be selfish and pull your serpentine body back into my embrace.
Our guard at the door was calling us to our duty.
I remember as you were flying to the door you breeze past me whispering I love you.
Which instantly transported me back to the hours before dawn.
When the moonlight flowed flawless down your emerald spine.
I remember in the heat of ecstasy of all the promises we made.
If I had the power to make the time continual stand still, I would hold that one moment forever.
I was tempted to follow as you flew away.
I knew that would be wrong.
I see now over the years that I have been neglecting this heart of mine too long.