Dragon Love

Dragon great and pretty,
flies the world without pity.

She stands over the great blue yonder,
feeling that urge that is to wander.

As a gentle breeze folds over her wings,
she gives a purr as her pretty tail swings.

She stands great and tall,
giving a roar as her call.

The moonlight glistens off her scales,
as she awaits the call from her male.

Dragon large and handsome,
looking lovely in his fashion.
Scratching the ground with a talon,
listening for his mate with passion.

He heard her call pierce through the air,
her roar shakes the earth as his nostrils flare.

He lifts his great head off the ground,
and points it directly to the sound.

At last he makes his great cry,
and jumps through the air as he begins to fly.

He lands gently near his lover,
and they stride in the cave for cover.

They embrace in loves twilight,
loving and caring all through the night.

They make love there in the cave,
each keeping this memory to save.

They fall asleep in loves sweet embrace,
each had a grin upon there face.

As they wake from there sleep,
they make a cry as if to weep.

They embrace for this special moment,
leaving each other is such a torment.

They fly away each in different directions,
awaiting the night to show there deep affection.

Glynn Mathis