Dream Of A Dragon

I fall asleep,
I start to dream,
Of flying dragons,
Not at all mean.
I dream of walking way up close,
I dream of touching it's firm scales,
And stroking it's sharp deadly nails.
As it lifts it's head,
And opens an eye,
It lifted itself from the way it did lie.
It looked upon me,
Then once again,
"I have always loved your kind's men"
I then realised that this dragon was not an it, but a she,
I could sense, she loved me.
As we stared into each others eyes,
As her love for me grew and grew,
I could feel it too!
I started to walk towards her,
And she towards me,
I felt someone, had turned love's key.
Just then it started to rain,
She said to me, "come, come to my lair",
So I followed her there.
She invited me inside,
All seemed so romantic,
  Very calm, not at all frantic.
Candles were lit,
Jewels were incrusted in the walls,
And in the many golden balls.
She showed me her piles of gold coins,
Then she lay down,
I watched as she did, with a small frown.
She made herself comfortable upon the bed of coins,
She called upon me,
I couldn't help, but walk with glee.
As I walked over,
She relaxed herself,
I was in love with a dragon, and surrounded by wealth.
We was about to join,
And make our love,
I felt very high, as high as a dove.
Then the dream ended,
My alarm clock rang,
My beautiful dream had ended, it went out with a bang.
From that night on, I have since loved dragons,
Every night, I dream of them more and more,
I wish I was a dragon, beautiful, and could soar!

Shaun Ferris

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