Forever Love!

There was once love, so strong and bright,
it could change all from dark to light.
The knight's and dragon's love so strong,
it would have lasted their whole lives long.
Evil seeped through the land,
in search of this love so grand.
Across the land rode an evil knight,
To exterminate them both in a fight,
Back at the lair, the black knight versed the white,
The dragon went hunting, thinking all was right.
While she was flying back,
She heard the almighty crack!,
She saw the spirit of her true love,
floating reluctantly to heaven above.
The final fatal unexpected blow,
Made all her sorrowful emotions flow.
She then fell dead on the floor,
As the black knight struck a blow once more.
Now the two lovers can't be apart,
One in one, a great big heart.

Shaun Ferris