Fruit Of Passion

I have been waiting for someone like you to fly into life and satisfied my dreams.
With our cries of passion there is envy amongst our kind.
The closeness we share makes us a formidable team.
I know that the passion we share is unique amongst dragons that make unions like this rare.
I have been an ambassador on some of the most difficult treaties known to dragons.
In your presence I am at a loss for words so I write these few line to show you that I care.
Love has made kings into fools heroes into casualties, and even the richest of lord emptied their treasure.
You may call me that fool for I'll risk all that and more for a couple moments of your pleasure.
From the celestial heavens to the depth of hell, to exotic places no longer exist my wings have soared.
My lady of all those place I have been you have a aphrodisiac that keep me coming back to you chamber's door.

Your radiant beauty and your lovely grace, even the seraphim acknowledge your charm.
It is your radius that has many of my fellow dragons willing to risk my wrath to lie in you arms.
I cannot fault my brother for wanting you; you are my morning dew that makes all things come to life.
If I were a mortal I would marry you in a minute and make you my wife.
I have tasted exotic delights from the draught of the Gods, to herb that will delight the Guild of the Assassin.
Never in my long life not even when I was in the sacred garden, has anything ever tasted sweeter than your fruit
of passion.