Unconditional Love

Even though dragons mate for life, what is my life worth without your unconditional love?
This war has taught me that pride and the glorification of others is not what I desire.
I should have been there when you wanted to glide on the winds to the far side of the solar moon.
I miss all those arctic geyser baths we used to take in the far northlands.
For a thousand leagues I can see grass growing on the distant plains,
yet I must have been blind with arrogance to leave you.
I realize that I may be a little too late in saying this, I was a fool to ever come on this campaign.
Like all fools I deserve everything that I get, if I lose your love.
We defied our patriarch prejudices and crossed untold boundaries to find our love.
My comrades may think I am a coward for abandoning this war.
They have offered to heal me with their clerics.
Not knowing that it is not the wound to my body that I desire to be healed.
My strength in my wings seems to be fading faster as the miles go by.
I think even the rain itself is punishing me for leaving you,
the raindrops feels like pebbles of stones dancing all over my body.
Even time itself wants to join this game, a trip that normally take hours seems like days.
I am praying to the four winds that If I don't have the strength to make it home.
Just get me anywhere near my unconditional love.
Mortals have a saying that when you are dying your life flashes before your eyes.
With each segment of my life, for each moment that has ever brought me joy.
I see you there with wings stretch out willing to embrace me in your unconditional love.
Dragons have a saying, only the foolish die young.
As I lay here dying what a fool I have been to leave my unconditional love.