Wings Of Death

My love I have known you for centuries.
It seems only like yesterday, that I found your precious love.
I have waged war in your name from the lowly mortals to the lovely fairies.
I have never meant to cause you any pain.
I may fail in all my duties as a Dragon lord, but the one duty I shall not fail is loving you.
I'll fight all you enemies and mine to the end of time.
Just to stand in your embrace once again.
When rumors persist and doubts of others remain hold me close to your heart.
For you see death is an essence hidden in my shadows that know me well.
There are some mortals and fairies that say I am a creature that belongs in hell.
I spread my wings to soar on the gentle winds.
Death flies beneath me having many wondering when will this maelstrom end.
I lift my baritone voice to sing in perfect harmony.
Death seize an opportunity to issues a battle roar to all those that I see.
I have used your love as a shield, to try and keep death from striking the innocents.
Is this an excuse or merely a reason my queen for what I am?
I am a Dragon of the Storm Clan, be it your lover or wings of death.