Dracovania, The Half Dragon Vampiress

Sapphira, after her vampire husband was slain, married a Bloodstone Black Welsh Dragon. They had a daughter named Dracovania. The dragon she married was named Shruiken.

Dracovania stopped aging at seventeen years. Her fangs grew to one inch and she had wings that grew as long as her body and were covered with dragon scales. She was very beautiful when her mouth was closed. The fangs made her very scary, though, and when her pupils formed into slits, it was very frightening.

Dracovania eventually married a handsome dragon wizard named Gabriel Dragonfeather. He was called a dragon wizard because of his skills in the Draconic Indwelling and because of his studies in dragonology.

Dracovania gave birth to a daughter named Beatrice. And a son, Eric They were cold blooded like their half-dragon mother but their fangs just appeared to be crooked teeth. They didn't look like they could do much damage. Like most vampires, they had very sensitive hearing.

Gabriel loved his wife Dracovania and was very proud of his two children.

When little Eric was six years old, his grandfather, Shruiken, diagnosed him with Asperger Syndrome. It was then apparent that this condition ran in Dracovania and all of her family."

Then one day, without much warning, a new vampire slayer came for Dracovania. It was a huntress named Muffy.

Dracovania tried to convince Muffy they hadn't attacked anyone in recent years. Gabriel appealed to Muffy's compassion. They showed her that no one in the family attacked humans and only drank dragon's blood. But Muffy was not convinced. She held up a cross at Dracovania but it didn't work because Dracovania was a Christian.

"A cross?" asked Dracovania. "You hold a cross up to a Christian vampire? I was born vampire which means I'm alive not undead." Then she laughed and grabbed Muffy by the neck. "Better bring garlic next time."

Dracovania expanded her wings and flew away with Muffy still in her grasp. She flew at breathtaking speed, nearly 300 MPH. After a while she threw Muffy up in the air and breathed blood fire straight at the dragonslayer.

Muffy was urned into dust. Dracovania landed safely on the ground to the cheers of her family. Her husband Gabriel and her two children were very happy. Her mother and her father, her sisters and half sisters were proud of Dracovania for protecting her family.

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