The Fight

All the mythical animals of the land were standing still and were gathered about within one mile of the fight. They were standing and waiting for the outcome of the fight. Unicorns, griffins, gremlins, centaurs, all the talking animals, and even the majestic phoenix were watching the duel. They stayed back far enough so that they wouldn’t interfere. It was between two female dragons. One was a burnt red dragon named Flame, the other was white except for its amethyst spines and cerulean eyes. She was named Diamond. The battle had already raged for hours, long into the night, and no one knew for sure why they were fighting, just that they were.

Both dragons hovered in front of each other, flapping their gigantic wings at a steady pace. The stones beneath them sparkled in the moonlight from the blood shed in the battle. They were both savoring the break, and each was waiting for their opponent to strike first. Diamond struck first, and did a double slash at Flame. Flame dodged to the right escaping the first swipe but receiving a slight scratch from the second. She counter attacked by swinging her tail to meet Diamond's paws. Diamond gripped Flame's tail then swung it back at her. Flame stumbled back a few feet but flew toward Diamond in a rage with her jaw ready about to chomp down.

Diamond dodged at the exact time, missing the powerful jaws of her opponent. Flame was stunned when her jaws clamped shut on nothing. She threw Diamond an angry glance then jumped at her, slashing the side of her face. Scarlet blood trickled down her face. She then swiftly flew above Flame and rammed her so she plummeted to the ground below.Flame hit hard, and pain ringed through out her whole body. She stumbled to her feet then looked up at Diamond. Above, Diamond gave a short roar of triumph.

"This battle isn't over yet…", mumbled Flame. Diamond flew down to meet Flame on the ground. Flamed roared in anger and then attacked Diamond with furious slashes and tail whips. Diamond did the same, and though both of their body's ached, none would give up until the other was dead.

Flame attempted to ram Diamond, but she evaded the attack and flew to a small glade of trees where she quickly used her powerful jaws to chomp a tree down and then used her sharp claws to swiftly carve it into a sharp, pointed spear. Diamond returned to meet Flame. Seeing the spear, Flame flew up into the sky again. Diamond followed her and again they stood hovering before each other.

"Weapons," commented Flame. "No fair."

"There are no rules to this battle " returned Diamond. "You know that, and if you were as smart as me, you could make your own weapons, like I have." Diamond smiled and then threw the spear directly toward Flame. Flame caught it centimeters away from her chest and smiled back.

"Nice try, Diamond." She sneered and threw the spear at a high speed toward Diamond. Diamond flew to the right to avoid the spear, but it caught the end of her tail. She cried out in pain and shock and looked at her tail. The spear hung there weighing her down. She flipped her tail toward herself and carefully took it out. Blood oozed from her tail. Diamond growled and snapped the spear in half, then threw it to the ground. She bared her teeth and flew toward Flame so quickly and suddenly Flame couldn't dodge Diamonds tail. It slapped her across the face covering her in blood. Flame shot her a look of disgust. Then Diamond sank her teeth into Flame's vulnerable throat. When Diamond could taste the bitter blood of Flame's throat seeping into her mouth she know that her attack had been successful. Flame cried out and attempted to pull apart Diamond from her neck, but Diamond hung on. Then with a good slash to the chest Diamond released her grip on Flame.

Blood trickled to the ground below from Flames neck. Angered, she shot orange and ruby flames at Diamond. Diamond met her flames with her icy breath. The two elements collided and caused a small explosion. The dragons snarled at each other. Then Flame struck with lighting speed and pounced on Diamond. The two tumbled toward the ground and hit with a large thud. Flame pinned Diamond down, then looked into her face and laughed.

"Now you die," She said. But the look in Diamonds eye said that this battle wasn’t over yet.

Flame towered over Diamond. She sunk her claws deeper into Diamonds chest and grinned. Diamond moaned as the claws inflicted more pain on her weakening body.

"Did you really think you could beat me?", Flame asked with a slight laugh in her voice.

"Well…," trailed Diamond. She could smell blood that was all over her body.

"Well, you couldn’t." Flame finished for her. "Any last words?" Diamond had to think quickly, her life was ticking away.

"Yeah," muttered Diamond desperately and said the first thing that came to her frantic mind. "LOOK OVER THERE!" she said in the most excited voice she had and pointed her head in a direction. Flame instinctively looked where Diamond had pointed. The few seconds of her loosened grip was all Diamond needed. She used her tail, which was beneath Flame, to come up under Flame and fling her over her body. Diamond rose to her feet and glared pleasantly into Flames face, as she lay crumbled on the ground.

It was amazing; the simple, innocent, lamest trick had actually worked. Diamond laughed into Flames astonished face. Flame gave a low growl. How could she have been so stupid? She had Diamond beneath her paws, ready to kill her, and she had been stupid enough to fall for that trick. Flame was full of rage and rushed directly toward Diamond, and then in a fury of claws, tails, and wings, the battle had begun again. Diamond was happy though, at least she was back into it.

After a few minuets of slashing and such, Flame flew into the air leaving a confused Diamond on the ground. Flame used her gigantic wings to flap a twister at Diamond. Diamond was unprepared for the attack so she was swept away by the powerful gust. The twister glided on for a few miles then subdued. Flame flew after the twister's path, to try and find Diamond in hopes of finishing her off if she wasn’t already dead. Flame came to a lake a couple hundred feet from where the tornado had stopped. Seeing the lake full of cool refreshing water, Flame instantly forgot about Diamond and fluttered down into the lake to wash away all the blood that was making her body reek. She jumped in and the water began to turn red surrounding her. She used her long neck, to reach over and lap up some of the cleaner water on the other side of the lake. The cool, fresh sensation of the water down her throat was very refreshing, but she failed to see a patch of red water on the other side of the lake.

Diamonds eyes rose from beneath the watery red patch of water. Diamond could see Flame drinking thirstily from the water. Diamond had expected her to arrive here. Diamond flew out of the water above the lake, startling Flame who realized all too late that Diamond had been hiding in the lake. Diamond blew her icy cold breath on to the lake freezing all the water within it. Flames body and part of her tail were frozen in with the water. Flame realized what a fool she'd been and began spiting insults at her self in the frozen lake.

Diamond flew over to the spot where Flame stood incapacitated. She gave a large grin at Flame; Flame only hissed at her. Diamond skated around Flame mocking her. Flame was beginning to feel a new hatred toward Diamond. Suddenly a new idea dawned in Flames head. She smirked at Diamond who was still skating around her in circles, then she blew 6,000 degrees flames at the ice beneath Diamond's paws. The ice melted immediately and caused Diamond to fall in to the lake with a shriek of shock. Flame then blew flames around her and thawed herself out, chuckling at Diamond. Diamond rose out of the lake flushing angrily.

Both dragons once again flew into the sky to continue their aerial battle. The jokes were over, the sun began to peek its head over the distant mountains, both battlers wanted to end the fight, right here, and right now.

"This battle ends now!", Snarled Flame.

"FOR YOU!", Shot back Diamond. They both flew at each other with battle roars and sharp claws glistening from the faint sunlight. Flame was angry she had had Diamond, but she had lost her concentration and let her escape. Not this time. She thought. No, I shall truly beat you this time. She thought, then summoning all the anger and hatred she had held up inside of her, she released it on Diamond.

Flame kept slashing and whipping her tail, never ceasing. Diamond tried to attack but managed only one effective blow, but that blow hadn't slowed down Flame, in fact, it didn’t look like it effected her in the least. All Diamond could do was try to block the vicious blows from Flame. Diamond was getting whacked again and again, her energy was slowly draining from her body. I won't let it end this way. Diamond thought. No, not like this. NO!

Desperately Diamond retreated back some feet. She softly used her icy-cold breath on Flame to stun her. Then she used some of her remaining energy to go for the heart of Flame. She hadn't wanted to do this from the very start, although after Flame had resisted her offers of peace and agreement without fighting she knew that in the end if she was to win it would come down to this. She and Flame were the two most powerful dragons in the land and this was no easy battle from the beginning, so that the only way to win with Flame was to go for the heart.

Diamond bit down in the exact location of the heart and with her powerful jaws, ripped it out along with some other flesh She spat the wad of Flames insides to the ground where Flame had fallen after she died, instantly. Diamond flew to the ground and looked at the pitiful site of Flame lying there. She took one look, then turned and left to her mountain lair leaving Flame's body to rot.

Brianna Shaver