The Dragon And The Israelite

The year was 1939. A 14 year old messianic Jew was just taken to Auschwitz. She had just lost her family earlier. Before they could shave her head, a large dragon heard Adeline’s calls for help.

The dragon appeared to be a nomad. And it was an adolescent. At the site of the dragon, the German officers were afraid. The dragon roared in their faces as it carried the young Jew away. The dragon took Adeline to Cardiff, Wales, to a large tomb.

Adeline wondered why the dragon wasn’t going to eat her. Instead, the dragon brought some leftover venison to eat. She thought she might slip away while the dragon was eating. But as she edged toward the mouth of the tomb, the dragon raised its neck and hissed at her.

After the dragon was done eating, he walked up to the young messianic Jew and started examining her face. Adeline looked back and thought to herself, “Surely this couldn’t be the face of a monster.”

The dragon felt of her cheek. Young Adeline wondered why the dragon was curious about her. “What’s your problem?” she asked. “Haven’t you seen a human before?”

The dragon pondered the question. “Yes I have,” it said. “But not like you.” Then the dragon began to tell his tale of woe. “I’ve been orphaned since I was an infant. My parents were killed in a fight with dragon slayers. I managed to escape the same fate by flying away. Just recently, I’ve been hearing animals teasing me about me being the last of my kind.”

Adeline said, “I’ve lost my family, too. They were killed by German soldiers but thanks to you, dragon, my hair is still on my head.” Adeline paused. “What is your name?”

“My name is Serpenter.”

“And my name is Adeline,” she replied.

After several months, the two creatures began to develop a very strong relationship, as close as any could be between different species. But when Adeline turned up pregnant, this inter-species relationship went to a completely different level. The human-dragon hybrids had some very strange qualities.

One had a dragon tail and the other had talons. But other than that, the twins looked mostly human. Adeline named the girl twin Guinevere and the boy twin Daniel. Daniel had the talons and Guinevere had the tail.

Both Adeline and Serpenter loved their children very much. But they weren’t sure exactly how to provide them an education. They were afraid of what other children would think of having hybrid dragon-humans in school. So Serpenter got some clothes for them that would hide their dragon features. Gloves for Daniel to hide his talons. A long dress for Guinevere to hide her tail.

For many years the two proud parents watched their twins grow up fast and smart. But in order to completely hide the identity of their dragon father, Daniel and Guinevere called him Aaron Menuhin.

After World War II was over, Daniel and Guinevere went back to the promised land of their ancestors. Many years later Daniel would have two children, Benjamin and Sarah.

Eric Samuel Olson