The Bewitching Mermaid

Many seamen have searched in vain for this lady of aqueous disposition by light of the vespers and full white moon. For she only comes above water at twilight.

Her pale green hair cascades down the opalescent slope of her back as she appears above water to watch the seagulls flying above. Her eyes are as wide as saucers...bedazzling and blue.

Miles beneath the sea and far beyond the grasp of man lies her bejeweled kingdom where she eagerly returns, although her deepest wish is to walk the sands of the earth.

With a thunderous swish of her coppery tail, she plummets to the bottom of the sea and explores as a spelunker would...all the sights of her sea caves.

Lead by the radiating and pulsating light of her topaz studded scepter she can find the deepest and darkest caverns of the sea, and discovers every kind of camouflaging marine life unknown to man.

While the dolphins are busy chattering and playing, the Mermaid rests by a coral reef and joins in playing her mandolin, listening to the titillating sounds of noise vibrations undulating throughout the sea.

A circus of sea urchin are swept away by the bewitching charm of her performance, and seahorses gather in carousel formation around her, as they do their maypole swishing dance.   

It is quite a sight to that will never be seen by mortal man.

Miles directly above where she plays, a ship goes by full of sailors with wondering eyes searching for the legendary mermaid.

But all is silent above water in the middle of the ocean, except for the rustling waves of water sloshing against the ship, and the call of seagulls as they fly overhead.

Stacy Lynn Zeisloft
aka: pixiechirps