Piglet is so
Very small,
Sometimes he can't be
Seen at all!

Piglet was one of the original toys of Christopher Milne. "Piglet was a present from a neighbor who lived over the way, a present for the small boy she so often used to meet out walking with his nanny," Piglet appears in almost every Pooh story (and of all the animals, he's the one to whom Pooh turns so often when out adventuring or waiting for Hums to come to him), and of all the Animals he is the one who changes the most through the two books. Piglet shows MORE Pluck, reveals MORE Brains (or Fluff, if you must), and appears MORE Piglet.

There are many fine things about Piglet. Eeyore of all people appreciates Piglet for being, well, so Piglet. The case can be put as follows (that is, if a case need be made): Eeyore's Concern for Piglet's Well-being, as when he was told Piglet had fallen down while bringing him a birthday present, "Dear, dear, how unlucky! You ran too fast I expect. You didn't hurt yourself, Little Piglet? " And then there i's Eeyore's Appreciation of Piglet's Size, "About as big as Piglet," Eeyore said to himself sadly. "My favorite size. Well, well." And then again, there is Eeyore's Appreciation of Piglet's Company, "Christopher Robin and I are
going for a Short Walk," he said, "not a Jostle. If he likes to bring Pooh and Piglet with him, I shall be glad of their company ..." (And Piglet too shows concern for Eeyore.)

Piglet is a very considerate animal. He not only helps build Eeyore a new and better home, he even gives his own home to Owl when Owl becomes, well, without his after a Very Very Blusterous Day. Piglet never hesitates when Christopher Robin calls for an Expedition and Rabbit organizes a Search for Small. ... That is, Piglet does hesitate just a little, as a Very Small Animal must, but that doesn't stop him from doing things. It is hard when you don't have much Size, but in the end, having faced up to Heffalumps, WoozIes, Wizzles, a Fiercer Animal Deprived of Its Young, Jagulars, and other assorted Fierce Animals, Piglet shows Great Pluck facing up to Flooding, Blusterous Days, Falling Houses, and having to Climb out of Owl's letter-box.

Finally, Piglet, to the admiration (and relief) of his friends, does something of Great Bravery, an act that deserves its own Respectful Pooh Song. From the first time we meet Piglet until the moment we leave him, Piglet has done so much as a Very Small Animal..