Rabbit Is So
Watching Him
Makes Pooh Bear Dizzy.

Pooh, Eeyore, and Piglet were the original toys around which Winnie - the - Pooh and later The House At Pooh Corner grew, but as the stories developed, more characters were needed and so new characters were invented. For this reason, Rabbit and Owl were never toys. They were Rabbit and Owl from the moment Mr. Milne wrote their names. Rabbit began by being just the owner of the hole in which Pooh got stuck and then, as the stories went on, became less rabbity and more Rabbity, for rabbits are not by nature good organizers.

Mr. Milne must have enjoyed Rabbit, who, once he appears, appears again and again. He is a Captainish Animal, Good at Everything Important (like Thinking, Spelling, Organizing). And most of all, Rabbit looks after his friends (of which he has many).

Rabbit and Owl are friends because they share a common gift: Brains. (And of all the Animals these two have the most relations Rabbit has many relatives and friends. This is where Rabbit comes into his own, and also why he is such a good organizer. You can't organize without someone to organize, and Rabbit knows lots of people of course, he does because this is what a rabbit always does best - have lots of friends - and - relations. In Mr. Shepard's decoration showing Pooh's Special Party there are at least eighteen friends - and - relations hanging about the table (waiting "hopefully in case anybody spoke to them, or dropped anything, or asked them the time", and in the picture of Pooh stuck in Rabbit's hole, there are fifteen friends - and - relations (not counting Piglet and Christopher Robin) trying to get him out.

the Beetle Family, including Henry Rush
Alexander Beetle (and his Aunt, but we are not
told whether she is a friend or a relation)
Smallest-of-All (also known as S. of A.)
Small (another Beetle)
the other numerous others, of such different sorts and
sizes, including the one who left a blue balloon behind at a
party, "being really too young to go to a party at all.