Health Bags

   HEALTH BAGS may be composed of a few of these items:
    Image of Blessed Virgin Mary
    Copper coins or other symbols made of copper
   Herbs-Betony, Blessed Thistle, Buckeye, Five Finger Grass, High John,
    Laurel, Life Everlasting, Mustard Seed
   Stones- Chyrsoprase, Garnet, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise
   Seals-Gives Healing Powers, Protects from Accidents, The Magic Rod
    (from the Black Pullet)
    Fourth Pentacle of the Moon which defends from any injury to
    body or soul (from the Greater Key of Solomon)
    Master Key, Seal of Antiquelis, Golden Candlestick, Long Life,
    Power, Rab Caleb (from the Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses)
    Remember that you do not have to use all the charms in a bag-choose
    those which seem best suited to your special purpose. And do add your own
    personal talismans along with your faith in attaining the purpose or objective
    you have in mind.


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