POWER and PROTECTION BAGS might include some of these symbols:
    A piece of chain (for freedom)
    Sea Horse
    Eye of a Bat
    Sacred Scarab
    Image of St. Francis
    Black Beans
    Copper Cross or Crucifix
    Pair of loclestones
    Image of St. Barbara or St. Francis
    Heart of a Swallow
   Stones-Olivine, Tiger Eye, Turquoise
   Roots and Herbs-Agrimony, Anise, Balm Gilead Buds, Basil, Bay Leaves,
    Dill, Five Finger Grass, John the Conqueror, Magnolia Leaves,
    Master of the Woods, Patchouli, Quince Seed, St. Johnswort, South-
    ern John, Trumpet Weed, Wormwood
   Seals-Magic Table of Mars
    Breastplate of Aaron, Breastplate of Moses, Crowned Serpent, Great
    Pentagram, Schemhamphoras No. 2, Seal of Antiquelis, Azielis, Fire,
    Great Generation, Long Life, Mephistophilas, Spirits (all from Sixth
    & Seventh Books of Moses)
    Controls Evil, Destroys Evil, Goetic Circle, Protects from Accidents,
    Repels Evil Spirits, or Magic Rod (from the Black Pullet)
     Remember that you do not have to use all the charms in a bag-choose
    those which seem best suited to your special purpose. And do add your own
    personal talismans along with your faith in attaining the purpose or objective
    you have in mind.


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