Please Fill-Out Form For Adoption Of A Baby Dragon

This adoption if approved gives you a link to add to your site of the page of the baby dragon you have choosen. His home is hosted on the server of Lair2000. You may design his lair yourself or accept a basic generic white lair.

I have added a link to (This will be verified)


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His Lair Design:
     I want to design his html lair myself
     I want the basic generic white page

What Color Dragon Do You Want?
     Yellow (F)
     Purple (F)
     Green (F)on (R)
     Green (F)on (L)
     Red (M)
     Brown (M)
     Copper (M)

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I Understand That My Dragon And His Home Would Stay On And Be Called Up From A Link From My Web Site.


I Understand That the link must be added and an e-mail sent notifying lair2000 that the link is working within 72 hrs after the dragon is sent. (This will be verified and if not done the link will be broken).

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