Zero, the ghostly dog had a nose of bright fluorescent red.
He'd a home in the cemetery, but he stayed by Jack's bed.
Following close in Jack's steps, he gave unconditional love.
He led Jack's coffin sleigh that night, ducking the missiles above.
Jack's pet Zero is a ghostly dog who floats faithfully after him wherever he goes. Always ready for a romp, Zero loves to play catch. Jack often obliges by tossing one of his own ribs for Zero to fetch. When fog threatens Jack's Christmas Eve plans, Zero's glowing
pumpkin nose makes him - what else? - a halloweentown version of Rudolph. Jack Skellington's little dog Zero is the perfect Halloweenland pet. He's both faithful and playful. He's a ghost who floats just above the ground with an illuminated pumpkin nose.
Like most dogs, Zero sleeps most of the day, some-times in a little basket in Jack's room and sometimes in his dog house in the cemetery. But when Jack goes for a walk, he's ready to follow, and he likes to play catch with Jack's ribs.
Zero doesn't always understand Jack's strange actions, but he's always ready to lend a helping paw. On the foggy Christmas Eve when it looks as if Jack's plans are about to be shattered, a brilliant light cuts through the night. Jack realizes at once that Zero, with his shining nose, is the one to guide his sleigh.

Zero is Jack's faithful hound.
He always floats just off the ground.
A ghostly pup, he loves to fetch.
So Jack throws a rib bone - his own - to catch.
We first see Zero in the film
when Jack snaps his fingers
and calls him as he goes by Zero's grave. Zero's tombstone is shaped like a doghouse with a cross over the door. Zero comes out of the ground in front of the house at Jack's call.
Zero goes with Jack on his walk, but when the door opens and Jack is whisked in Zero is left outside waiting. He then lives with Jack. When Sally makes a fog to prevent Jack from
going Zero's nose lights Jack's way.