Sally's Song

Sally always liked jack, oh how dreadfully she wanted him back, after Zero disappeared, Jack had been so depressed. Sally was walking up the steps of Jack's house to tell him how she felt. Tears formed in her eyes as she thought about the things that could go wrong. When she reached the final step, she realized that Jack was gone! She looked everywhere for her truest Jack.

"Hello Sally." said the Mayor. "What are you up to?"

"I'm looking for Jack!" she cried. "Do you know where he is?"

The mayor replied, "Yes. He is in the graveyard looking for you." He left.

As Sally wandered to the Graveyard, she saw Zero sitting on a rock wimpering. "Oh Zero, you must be looking for Jack" said Sally "follow me."

They found Jack on the uncurling hill. "Sally. I was looking for you." said Jack.

"So was was I" Replied Sally.
She didn't even have to tell him how she felt, he already knew. And with that, they kissed.