The Wizard Bank
Run By Goblins and Guarded By Dragons


Enter, Stranger, But Take Heed
Of What Awaits The Sin Of Greed,
For Those Who Take, But Do Not Earn.
Must Pay More Dearly In Their Turn,
So If you Seek Beneath Our Floors
A Treasure That Was Never Yours,
Thief, You Have Been Warned, Beware
Of Finding More Than Treasure There.

Items put in Gringott's Bank are stored underground in vaults.  Depositors are   given a key that opens the vault.  Travel underground is in small carts on tracks.
Harry Potter's mother and father left him a vault of money of all denominations; Golden Gallons Silver Sickles, Bronze Knutes .  Hagrid had his vault key.
The Sorceror's Stone was stored here in a special vault opened by Gobln clae rather than the usual key.  It was removed by Hagrid when he came with Harry to get money for his expenses..
The vault at Gringott's Bank was broken into when some one tried to steal the Sorceror's Stone, but it had been removed by Hagrid and was now stored at Hogswart.
Gringotts also served to change muggle money into wizarding money,  Hermione's parent, both being muggle born used this exchange to get the money necessary to buy her school items.



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