I need help in writing the biographies of the many characters in the books.  It is just not possible for me to do all this alone and update all 800+ pages with new trails and music tags.

Please make sure your submissions are ready for publication, that they are complete and comprehensive, that they are your own work, and that they have your name at the bottom so you will be credited for your accomplishment.  The areas needing a biography have N/A where the biography would go.  Use the links below to get the places needing help.
Slytherin Members
Hufflepuff Member
Ravensclaw Members
Gryffindor Members
The Weasley Family 
bios of Molly Arthur and their 7 children
Tri-Wizard Cup
bios of Teachers and students competeing in the 
Wizarding Community
bios of any other members of wizarding community not mentioned

The art gallery also needs original Harry Potter pictures if your talent runs in that direction.

Send To:  lair2000@lair2000.net

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