flying is the study of controlling, mounting,
flying and landing a broom.  The Flying
lesson was given to the first year students
in the beginning of the school year.  the
lesson was held on a smooth flat piece of
the lawn on the opposite side of the grounds
to the forbidden forest.  Gryffindor and
slytherin attended the lesson together.
 Twenty school brooms were places in two
neat rows for the use of the student.  The
school brooms tended to vibrate if you flew
to high, and also always flew slightly to
the left.  The teacher of flying was madame
hooch, who also acted as a referee during
quidditch matches.

Broom flying was not usually used for
normal travel as it could easily be seen
by muggles.  Brooms, though were often
used in games, such as quidditch.

There wasn't a text book for flying, although
hermione Found flying tips in a library
book called quidditch through the ages

quidditch supplies could be found in the
quidditch store in diagon alley.