Herbology is the study of plants
and fungi and their properties, both
magical and non - magical.  Plants are
used in making potions.  some plants
have their own magical properties.
Devil's Snare ( Shown ab0ve ) is one such
magical plant.

Herbology at Hogwarts is taught by the
Headmistress of Hufflepuff, Professor Sprout.
Classes are held in the Greenhouse outside
of Hogwarts (shown Below left).  Gryffindor
and Hufflepuff attend classes together.
Together the students learn to repot
mandrakes (shown below right, harvest
bubotuber pus, and prune alihotsy bushes.
 This is the only class in which Neville
Longbottom participates and does well.

The garden tools used in Herbology can
be obtained at the apothacary, but are
usually furnished to the students by
Professor Sprout.  Earmuffs are needed
to shut out the screams of the Mandrakes,
Dragon hide Gloves are needed to protect
the hands when dealing with Bubotuber Pus.n

The textbook for this class is one thousand
Magical herbs and fungi and can be purchased
at flourish and blotts in diagon alley.