History Of Magic

 A History of Magic consists of
             extremely boring lectures on magic
throughout the ages.  This course
covers the development of magic,
the uses and abuses of magic, the
relationship between witches
and warlocks and people without
magic skills ( muggles ), and the
relationship between other magical
sentient species and witches and

The teacher of A history Of Magic
is Professor Binns.  Professor Binns
Is a ghost.  He sat down one day
and died of old age, not realizing
he had died, he kept on teaching
his classes in the History of Magic.
He is a pearly gray colour all over.
His voice is dry, reedy, and wheezy.
 He  tends to drone on and on putting
his students to sleep.

             There is no  textbook for this class.
 Students are expected to take notes
in class and us them to study of the tests.