Chinese Dragon Habitats

Many dragons are year-round sea dwellers. Land and sky dragons that don't like cold weather spend their winters at the bottom of the ocean. Their marineland vacation ends in the spring when they surface, and either float up to the sky, or go ashore. Autumn frosts have them hurrying back to their underwater homes. Whenever dragons enter and leave the sea, they disturb the air and water causing floods and hurricanes. Every pond, lake, river, and stream has its resident dragons. Although numerous, they are rarely seen, because they're so shy that they sink when anybody watches them.

 Thousands of Eastern Dragons make their homes inside mountains and under the ground. They don't like to be disturbed, and they can become so bad tempered that experts in "feng shui" are consulted before anyone digs in the soil. Feng shui is the art of placing graves, homes, and buildings in locations that won't bother dragons. Experts have a mysterious instinct for sensing just where underground dragon paths lie, even though these are out of sight. The paths must never be touched.