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Welcome to a magical world of wizards. Find information about the mythical humans able to do real magic in this article and guide the best wizards related entertainment.

Harry potter is a famous wizard from the wizarding world.


Wizard folklore and stories from around the world

A wizard or a sorcerer is a practitioner of magic, a person who uses different forms of supernatural powers. Magic is one of the most amusing and intriguing things in this world. Nothing can excite us as much as magic does, thanks to its surprising and creative nature. Magic goes beyond science, and magical things have no boundary. Anything can happen in magic, from a tree flying on the oceans to a cat turning into a wild dragon. Literally, anything can happen. The art of doing impossible things can be called magic. So, what would be more amusing than a wizard who does everything magical, and none of that can be explained by science?

There is a strong set of cultures and popular folklore connected with wizards, and they are just inseparable. Wizards may be known as the base characters of any fantasy or supernatural story. It would not be an exaggeration to say that wizards or sorcerers are the most important fantasy elements. It is due to the fact that in every culture or supernatural folklore, there is a character who is a wizard. Just think, think about any culture or popular folklore, and see whether it has something that resembles a wizard.

We are pretty sure that you would answer in the affirmative. We all have heard stories where things were converted into other things, tales in which animals talked with humans, and legends in which some people got unbelievable supernatural powers. All these things are very common, and we all have heard stories in our childhood where a magician made things fly, and people get from one place to another at the snap of a finger.

Wizards have special importance in the present fantasy scenario. The world around us is constantly changing, and we are getting to know things very quickly. Things like drones and motion-sensing instruments have become a common thing in today's world. If we had seen these things even 15 or 20 years ago, then we would have thought that it was magic.

Still, even after this much innovation and modernisation, the power of magic is something modern science has not even touched. We don't know whether the things about wizards we read in folk legends and stories are true or not, but they sure are very interesting and astonishing. All this increases the importance of magic even more in today's world, as even in such a high-tech automated era, there are certain things that are possible only by magic, acknowledging the high potential of witchcraft. Today you will find wizards in various fantasy art forms like books, movies, and video games, and wizards are as amusing as they were centuries ago.

In different cultures and folklore, wizards are commonly mentioned. It is quite simple to comprehend. Wherever you sense something supernatural, there is a strong chance that it is related to a wizard. A wizard or a sorcerer is a person who has certain magical powers, and he knows how to use them to control different supernatural elements and forces.

Sometimes these wizards are born with special magical powers, and in some cases, sorcerers get supernatural abilities by studying magic and witchcraft. There are both good and bad wizards in history, and the term in a collective sense is difficult and incapable of being characterised in bad or good. Interestingly, you will find that wherever there is mention of an evil sorcerer in cultural myths and legends, a good wizard is also there who protects humanity in the end.

This shows how common and prevalent wizards are in our culture and mythology. Wizards are often related to stories from dragon folklore.

What is a Wizard?

What kind of wizard spells is the most common

There is a lot of useful material and information available on the subject of magic and witchcraft in the wizarding world, and as it is explained in detail in different books and cinematic titles, we understand that magic is also a science. In the fantasy world, magic is something that needs to be learned and studied. In the wizarding world, there are different magical schools that teach this subject to aspiring wizards and witches, and it needs understanding and practice. Those who are normal humans and don't possess any magical power can also do magic in most cases, which further strengthens the belief that magic is a kind of science. Like other sciences such as chemistry and physics, magic is very detailed and complicated. It is very powerful and potent, and it needs to be dealt with carefully. To channelise the magic and its power, wizards use wands and spells, these help wizards in using magic in the form they want and helps in harnessing its potential. Spells are different words and phrases that are like codes and triggers to different magical powers. For example, in the wizarding world, if you want to make something big, then you will use magic to do that by channelising magical energy into that task. Speaking the magical spell for this particular magic will help the wizard in effectively using magic for that action.

In the wizarding world, there are a lot of magic spells that wizards often use. One of the most popular spells in the fictional world is "Wingardium Leviosa", it is a magic spell wizards use to make an object levitate in the air. Wizards are commonly seen using spells to unlock locked doors, and these spells are "Aliese"(Merlin's spell) and "Alohomora" (Harry Potter spell). Famous spells to burn something are "Forbairn Ypile" and "Incendio". Wizards spell "Ace wele" to destroy something and "reparo" to repair something. These were some general spells that are used by sorcerers in general use in day to day actions. However, often witches and wizards like Merlin and Harry Potter got into conflict with the Dark Lord, enemy knights, evil kings, and horror-striking monsters. In such fights and situations, sorcerers needed to cast powerful fighting spells, which gave them a fighting advantage over their opinions. Just like weapons, these spells were also different for an offensive ability and a defensive action. Some popular spells used in fighting are "Crucio", which does excruciating pain, "Svelt Merlin", which kills the opponent, "Akwele seo magdp", which kills the maiden, and "Petrificus Totalus", which paralyses the monster or demon you are fighting.

Along with these spells, there are also some less-common ones in the wizarding world that sorcerers use for rare actions and magics, like turning something into a stone, to make somebody escape, cause a dream, end the final battle in a fight, and things like that. Spells are very important for every wizard and witch, and they should be accurately remembered, as it is very dangerous if you cast a wrong spell. For example, think how stupid it would be if a wizard turns a friendly knight into a monster dog or ghost.

Expert wizards can create new spells too, and it is just a matter of expertise and creativity. Magical creatures like unicorns are often mentioned in wizard folklore.

Are Wizards Real?

Do wizard pictures exist?

Today you might be considered stupid if you say that you believe in the wizarding world, the magic universe. However, there are very strong proofs and pieces of evidence that suggest that wizarding and witchcraft are real, and it exists not only in fantasy but in real life as well. In the ancient world, in Greece and Rome, magic was practised by people, and it was legal. However, it was illegal if you used it to hurt somebody. This argument is very detailed in itself, which suggests that witchcraft was not a mere legend or story, and it was practised in real. There is an entire spellbook in Greek called the Greek Magical Papyri.

Witch hunts and Wizard towers were very common in the medieval era, which is another strong proof rendering wizards true. In the medieval era, every kind of magic was banned and considered evil by the church. Any wizard or warrior sorcerer who was seen practising it was arrested, and the punishment was mostly death. At one point, people started believing that every wizard was an evil demon who wanted to kill everybody, and anybody suspected of practising witchcraft was immediately killed. All these events and activities in history show that it was strongly believed by different groups that wizards and witches do exist in real life. So, the question that arises is, if wizards did exist in real life in early times, how can we be so sure that they don't exist now and are nothing but fantasy.

In popular entertainment, wizards often had some mystery filled magical creatures with them. These magical creatures were powerful and helped their masters in the event of a magic war or battle and in a fight with opponent characters. Wizards often had owls, dogs, cats, and bats as their mystery companions. Sometimes even the small magical flying fairies could act as a helper. Some of these creatures were very intelligent, and they could alone fight and defeat other wizards.

These magical beasts were highly loyal and faithful. There are popular stories of revenge where after the death of a wizard hero in a battle, his faithful beast then took the life of the evil opponent and completed its revenge, proving its loyalty.


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Wizarding world

Most powerful and famous wizards in history

The wizarding world is very diverse and dense. There is a whole universe of wizards, and sorcerers like you see on popular tv shows and series. There are good and bad forces that form a team and battle each other to the death to become rulers of the whole world. As there are so many wizards and witches, some of them are more powerful and better than others. Battles and fights keep happening in the wizarding world, and sorcerers keep getting better with time. In popular culture, there have been some legendary wizards who have gained popularity either due to their exceptional skill or their unique abilities.

Now let's talk about some famous wizards in the wizarding world:

  • Harry Potter - Whenever we hear the word wizard or see it written somewhere, Harry Potter will surely be one of our first few thoughts. Created by J K Rowling, Harry Potter is such an iconic figure that the wizarding world is incomplete without it. Many people know only the name "Harry Potter" when it comes to wizards and witches, such is the popularity of this young sorcerer who is known to defeat the evil Dark Lord.
  • Merlin - If we keep the cinematic wizarding world out of the story, then Merlin is surely the most popular wizard. According to the story, Merlin was born to a human woman, but he was raised by an evil demon in human form, from whom he got his magical knowledge and supernatural powers. Merlin is an influential and important figure in the legend of King Arthur, the head of kingdom Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Gandalf - Gandalf is the hero wizard in the Lord of the Rings universe. He is a very wise and powerful wizard who is also an expert in history and geography. Gandalf is a very good wizard, and he always tries to save the world from evil forces. He is built on the image of Merlin. Some even think of him as the Merlin of Tolkien's Middle-Earth, as Merlin is also considered a general figure by some people.
  • Yoda - Featured in the popular Star Wars franchise, Yoda is an iconic wizard figure in the wizarding world. Actually, Yoda is a Jedi and not an actual wizard, but many people are not aware of this fact, and he is popularly considered a wizard. The most amusing thing about Yoda is that with a lightsaber in hand, he was never defeated, not even by Darth Vader himself. People think that he can only win and never lose in a battle.
  • Albus Dumbledore - In the Harry Potter wizarding world by Rowling, Albus Dumbledore is the second most popular wizard after Harry himself. Dumbledore is the principal of Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft where Harry Potter studies. Dumbledore is portrayed as a very wise and knowledgeable wizard in the Rowling wizarding world, and his experience and powers made him nearly invincible.
  • King Arthur

    Merlin the Wizard - Famous and powerful Magic!

    The name of King Arthur can never be omitted while talking about Merlin, the great wizard, and literally everything about the popular English legend. Arthur is a legendary British leader who is believed to have led the British defence in the 5th and 6th centuries when the Saxon invaders attacked Britain. However, everything available on King Arthur is from medieval histories and romances, and there are no solid proofs that can prove that he actually existed.

    The whole legend around King Arthur is very detailed and wide, and there are a lot of characters in this legend, including some fantastic beasts, powerful knights, a beautiful princess (from the romance), brave warriors, a mythical dog, and Merlin, a wizard, who is probably the greatest wizard in the whole cultural universe.

    Merlin is a very popular and influential figure in the legend of King Arthur. The depiction of this sorcerer is mostly based on the creations of Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 12th century. Merlin is known as an expert wizard, and some say that he is the most famous wizard of all time. It is also known that Merlin was a master of charms, and he is also called the master enchanter. According to the available literature and scriptures, we come to know that Merlin was a very knowledgeable and experienced wizard.

    He had profound knowledge on several other topics apart from sorcery as well, like chemistry, astronomy, and history. The character of Merlin is so influential and important that the characters of several other wizard-themed stories are inspired by the character and abilities of Merlin.

    According to the legend, it is believed that Merlin started advising King Arthur and taught magic as a mentor. It is considered in the wizarding world that one of Merlin's students killed him. She is known as the Lady of the Lake. Merlin fell in love with her and eventually ended up giving his life. Folklore stories about merlin often mention other famous creatures like the pegasus.


    Wizards sometimes get labelled as a dark lord or a wicked witch.

    Harry Potter

    Harry Potter Wizards and their magic powers

    You just can't talk about the wizarding world without relating it with the Harry Potter universe. Harry Potter series is a fantasy-based story of a young boy Harry, a gifted sorcerer who is destined to protect this world in the war against the evil forces and their mythical creatures. The story was first seen in novels written by J K Rowling. These then became very famous, and Warner Bros decided to transform them into a movie series, which broke all records and is still deeply loved by its fans.

    The mysterious story of the wizard Harry is exciting and intriguing and has a unique charm to it. The main character of the series is Harry Potter himself, which is quite easy to comprehend. Harry Potter has been a unique child since his earth. He has a unique scat on the forehead, he gets mysterious visions, he is unnaturally good at magic, and strange things keep happening to him.

    As we continue with the story, the visions get even more intense, and mysterious events unfold, which make Harry realise that he is neither a normal boy nor a normal sorcerer. He comes to know about the dark Lord Voldemort, who killed Harry's parents, and who wants to kill Harry too. However, Harry gets help and support from his friends and teachers at his school, and he sets on a war against Voldemort and ultimately defeats him by the end of the war.

    The story of this wizard boy who is destined to do great things has also been portrayed in an animation version. It will give you a wholesome experience of mystery, action, adventure, and bits of comedy and drama too.

    There are eight different Harry Potter movies and books, and they all create a very intense and connected wizarding world. There are several characters in Harry Potter who are powerful and hold special significance in the story. Some of these powerful wizards are mentioned here:

  • Harry Potter - Harry himself is the main character of the whole story. He is the son of two wizards who were killed by an evil sorcerer who failed to kill Harry even when he was an infant. Different mysterious events unfold in the plot, and Harry ultimately takes revenge on his parents and also saves the world from the evil forces.
  • Albus Dumbledore - Harry learns magic and witchcraft in the Hogwarts school of magic, and Dumbledore serves as the principal of this school. A very resourceful and powerful sorcerer himself, Dumbledore helps harry at different points of his life and sacrifices his own life while saving the world from the evil Voldemort.
  • Lord Voldemort - Even though Lord Voldemort was the main enemy in the Harry Potter series, it can't be denied that he was a very powerful wizard. He single-handedly defeated and killed many powerful sorcerers in the wizarding world and also killed both of Harry's parents. He fought till the end, and it was very difficult for Harry to defeat him.
  • Severus Snape - Snape was a professor at the Hogwarts school. Snape's character in the Harry Potter world is a little strange and twisted. Snape was the classmate of Harry's mother, and he fell in love with her. He was heartbroken when she died, and he swore that he would protect Harry, and he ended up sacrificing his life for it. Snape was a master of different magics, and he helped Harry numerous times with his powerful magic.
  • Wizard of Oz

    Wizard Movies and Wizard TV Shows

    The world of witchcraft and wizards is so interesting and great that filmmakers and directors have made numerous movies on wizards in the fantasy genre. From classics to animation titles, wizards have always ruled the cinema whenever they appeared on the big screen. You get to learn new things about the magic world through these movies and TV series. From intense fantasy masterpieces to cute and chill-friendly animation titles, you get numerous options when it comes to wizard movies, and you will never feel bored.

    One very interesting cinematic representation of the wizard fantasy genre would be the Merlin tv series. Also sometimes referred to as The Adventures of Merlin, it is a wizard-themed tv series based around the English Folklore legend of King Arthur. Merlin has a special place and is an influential character in the King Arthur legend, and this series is also inspired by the cultural story. Like all other cinematic representations, you might find some differences between the texts available from different sources on Merlin and this series, but it is pretty accurate, and we are sure you will love it.

    The Harry Potter series by Warner Bros is a timeless classic, and it can't be skipped while talking about wizard fantasy movies. If there is one wizard everybody knows about, then it indeed is Harry Potter. The directors have done an amazing job with all the movies, and they are revered by fantasy fans all around the globe. Have you seen all the Harry Potter movies then maybe you know if he ever meet a real mermaid?

    Another cool movie series by the same makers is the Fantastic Beasts series. It is also a fantasy wizard series, but the theme and plot of these movies are totally different from the Harry Potter series. However, there are a lot of connections and references to Harry Potter in the Fantastic Beasts series, and it gives a fresh kick to fantasy fans who are ardent lovers of Harry Potter.

    In 1900, L Frank Baum wrote a fantasy novel for young children named The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This book was an instant hit. After some years of its publications, it was represented in the cinematic form as a musical fantasy film. It is a very famous and loved film by various audiences, and it is considered one of the best films to watch in the fantasy genre. Some sources reveal that it is the most seen film in the world, and it has broken many other records as well. Along with this legendary movie, the Wizard of Oz story has been portrayed in several different forms in the years and is one of the greatest works of magical fantasy.

    Other cinematic works like Nicholas Cage's The Sorcerer's Apprentice and The Dresden Files are amazing titles about wizards and magical fantasy, and you should surely watch them if you are a witchcraft wiz..

    Wizard Games

    Short guide to popular wizard entertainment

    The intriguing and thought-provoking nature of magical fantasy is widely recognised by entertainment content creatures. Wizards are one of the primary characters when it comes to magic fantasy, and they have been the favourites of production houses and artists of different media types and entertainment forms. We have already talked about how wizards are portrayed in textual and cinematic forms, and now it's the time of video games.

    Video games are the most exciting and innovative means of entertainment. It is so because in video games, you don't just get information, but you actively work with the game to play the game. This makes video games super fun and attractive. The fantasy developers understand this, and they have created lots of good gaming titles that are based on wizards and magic.

    Here are some popular wizard-themed video games:

  • Magicka - The Norse mythology is very much influenced by wizards and magic. If you read Norse mythology books and cultural interpretations, then you will find that there are a lot of wizards and sorcerers in their folklore. This connection between Norse mythology and witchcraft can be seen in the RPG where you play as a good wizard who is given the work to stop a powerful evil sorcerer and wizard princess.
  • Wizard of Legend - A wizard is a very powerful character, and it can be represented in a number of different ways. Most wizards are shown as old men with beards who fight with the help of their spells and magical powers. However, wizards are not limited to that, and in many different folk legends, wizards are known to have skills like physical fighting, sword fighting, and archery. Wizard of Legend is a story of a master wizard who is set on a dangerous mission. You will experience what it feels like to be an expert warrior sorcerer in this gaming title.
  • Rise of Merlin - Merlin is considered the most popular and well-known wizard of all time. The legacy of the master sorcerer dates back to the medieval era when it is considered that the legend of King Arthur happened. Merlin is a very experienced and powerful wizard, and different entertainment developers have understood its importance. Rise of Merlin is a game totally based around the powerful wizard, as it is clear from the name itself.
  • The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim - The Elders Scroll series is considered one of the best gaming series of all time in the fantasy genre. You get to play the role of a wizard in this highly detailed title, The Elders Scroll. Just like real wizards, you will fight demons, animals, other wizards, and evil forces. What the life of a medieval age sorcerer would be like is presented in this title.
  • Mages of Mystralia - How would you feel if you were told that you possess supernatural powers, just like Harry Potter. There are many instances in popular culture and folklore where a normal child can be born with special powers that are never seen before. Such children lead a unique and pre-destined life, like Harry. You get to play the role of such a child in Mages of Mystralia.

  • Wizard - a legend or hero with real magic and power. Dark wizards exist.


    Have the wizards ever existed?

    Wizards are interesting characters that hold power to turn the fate of this world by a mere wave of the wand. These powerful sorcerers have unique magical abilities, and they have been there in our culture for years that we can't even accurately comprehend. Even though a lot of information is available on wizards and magicians, and there are concrete proofs that a lot of stringent measures were taken to stop them in the medieval era, many people still believe that wizards exist only in myths and books.

    We would like to know what you think about these mythical beings? Did they ever exist in history? Do they exist now? If interested in more stories based on folklore then read our new article about centaurs.

    Witches are connted to the sorcerer. Medieval times have alot of folklore.

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