Chinese Dragon Diet

Bamboo, milk and cream, the flesh of swallows, and arsenic are favorite foods. Although to people it's a deadly poison, arsenic merely makes dragons fat. 

In 1611B.C., the Emperor of China appointed the first Royal Dragon Feeder, whose duty was to throw food into sacred dragon ponds. Royal Dragon Feeder was an honored post for centuries. 

The custom of feeding dragons was common throughout the Orient. According to the Buddhist Records, a dragon chapel on the banks of the Indus River had a copper vessel filled with cream for a white-eared river dragon.

As a rule, Eastern Dragons never eat people. But woe to anyone who dines on roasted swallows and rides in a boat. Dragons, detecting the scent of the digested birds, will overturn the boat and swallow the swallow-swallower.

Wise people never offer mong plants to dragons. Although mong is a delicious vegetable used in Oriental cooking, it makes dragons irritable. And when an Eastern Dragon is out of sorts, it can cause storms, floods, and earthquakes.