Dragons And Magic

The Oriental Dragons do not practice the art of arcane magic like Western Dragons, but have magical control over water and air in its many forms. They breathe out heavy mists and fogs and can often produce rain clouds, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. Specific dragons seem to have power over the different water and air elements in nature.  Chinese and Oriental Dragons seem to have an infinity for either water regions, such as lakes, oceans, rivers, or streams, or  air regions, such as sky, clouds, and wind.

The spiritual dragon is in charge of bringing wind and rain. The coiling dragon lives in and affects the water regions. The yellow dragon, also lives in the water, and is recorded as coming out of the water to give the Emperor Fu Hsi the elements of writing. The Dragon King seems to be in charge of all four seas, north, south, east, and west, in four aspects of the same dragon. The Chinese Dragon after maturing for 2000 years develops horns. This lung is highly powerful and can produce rain or storms.

Many people in China leave offerings in the Dragon Temples to ensure good weather and turn away the anger of these very powerful dragon personages. 

Sometimes the weather is affected by the mating or birth cycles of the oriental dragons. They can cause tsunamis, underground eruptions, whirlwinds, great storms, whirlpools, thunder, cyclones, and hurricanes. The hatching process takes 1000 years and dragon parents are jubilant when their egg successfully hatches. The father seems to stir up turbulence, while the mother calms it in a Ying-yang type of pattern.