Many Biologists and Naturalists have been trying for years to view the mating process of the Chinese and the Oriental Dragon, but what little information we have acquired has come from the inhabitants of outlying areas or the rare people hiking in the area. 

Oriental and Chinese Dragons control the water and air so their mating usually takes place in these mediums. The dragons of the lakes and seas mate underwater. The male puts on a display for the female of his choice. These displays are usually performed with a subtle beauty and grace, but sometimes an over enthusiastic youthful male of only1500 years can cause whirlpools, tsunamis, and other disturbances, which can be of great harm to the human population. 

The dragons of the air usually mate high up in the sky in areas not easily accessible. The most common mating ground is the high mountains of Tibet. Mating dragons have been known to stir up great turbulence causing torrential rain, lightning storms, hurricanes and other disasters. Some of the dragons, particularly those mating with non dragon species such as cows and horses, breathe out a heavy fog or mist over their mating area to protect themself and their partner.

Poachers and other dragon hunters usually wait for these disturbances, as the dragons are not as careful and elusive o so they are much easier to destroy.