Chinese Dragon Treasures

Like dragons all over the world, Eastern Dragons love jewels and precious stones. They prefer jade, coral, and pearls to gold, silver, and diamonds.

Unlike their Western cousins, Eastern Dragons are not misers. They make use of their treasure, wearing jewelry and building undersea palaces of coral and pearls. And they are so generous that they give gifts of gems to people lucky enough to meet them.

Unfortunately, although typical Eastern Dragons are gentle and giving, there are exceptions. Japanese pearl divers fear shark-dragons, which threaten to attack them as they work. Shark-dragons also patrol wrecked ships.

Nagas, the many-headed dragon snakes of India and Southeast Asia, can be killers. Although some Nagas aren't dangerous, most of them can't be trusted. They can be as nasty as Western Dragons. Nagas love to wear jewels and build palaces of gems. They are as skillful at jewel-craft as their Chinese relatives.