Cures and Charms

Dragon blood, fat, brains, saliva, teeth, and horns are miracle medicines curing everything from measles to madness. Dragon bones are the best remedies, and also easiest to find.

Until 1927 entire villages in China supported themselves by digging and selling dragon bones. Visiting scientists from the American Museum of Natural History were very upset when they saw warehouses filled with the bones, because they claimed that these were fossils of prehistoric animals. They bought and shipped huge quantities to their museum in New York City, and presented some to a museum in Peking. Thereafter, selling dragon-bone medicine was forbidden. However, an undercover dragon-bone business continues to cater to customers all over the Orient.

Dragon saliva is an excellent ink for marking jade and gold and a base for the finest perfume and incense. The saliva is found floating on the ocean's surface.

 Dragon meat is reserved for royal kitchens. Emperor Hwo ordered soup made from a dragon that fell on his palace grounds during a storm. He and his ministers enjoyed the broth. Emperor Chao handed his chefs a tusked dragon 7he caught while fishing in the Wei River. The dragon was delicious "brain food." After eating it, Emperor Chao was able to write brilliant essays.

Dragon whiskers are used for keeping flies and mosquitoes away. They are also a boon to fishermen, because they attract fish when placed in a stream. The best quality whiskers are three feet long, and deep purple. 

Dragon paths are more important than dragon products. To assure good fortune, locate your home, your business, and the family burial plot near underground dragon paths. Feng shui experts can be hired to advise you. They own round wooden compasses that point to the paths and they sometimes taste the soil before deciding upon a lucky site. People swear by them, but in some cases they swear at them. In 1976 feng shui advisors were blamed when water pipes burst and elevators broke in a Hong Kong skyscraper, but feng shui experts musthave a good record, for they have customers all over the world.  Some people are guided by the stars, others by dragon paths.