Earth Dragons

The commonest and most abundant dragon species found on our planet is that of the Great Earth Dragon, or Draco Rex Cristatus, as it is commonly called.

They are great winged creatures of enormous size. They can grow up to fifteen to thirty meters in length with a wing span of up to thirty meters Their coloring is usually greeny-brown, with their many-hued scales ranging from lemon-yellow to emerald-green. There are some earth dragons that can breathe fire, although the force of their flames is not as powerful as that of the fire dragon.

The earth dragon is an expert flier and glider. Although his great size sometimes makes take-off awkward, once in the air he can reach great altitudes and cover enormous distances by gliding, using solely the wind.

The Draco Rex is reserved by nature, and an introvert. He does not like being around members of his species other than in the mating season and even then only for a limited time. This behavior seems to be governed by the wish to avoid disputes over food and the possession of the female. 

Given the size and strength of dragons, such squabbles could be dangerous. Interestingly though, when an earth dragon grows old, it is not unusual for him to be accompanied by a young page, whom he will instruct in dragon wisdom and who will inherit all his wealth.

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