The Golden Dragon

Most revered among the dragons' legendary heroes are the golden dragon. His scales and wings are the color of gold, and, although he does not belong to any of the three great elements (earth, water and fire), by nature he embraces all three, and he is the dragon possessed of the greatest beauty.

He is unique, pure and perfect. Neither fire, nor air nor water are strangers to him. Only one man is his friend and only three knights have ever set eyes on him.

To become acquainted with this strange being we must consult the Book of the Golden Dragon, one of the sacred books of dragon culture. The Golden Dragon has never taken part in any aggressive action. Unsullied by any flaw, he is pure and without blemish. He is the Guardian.

He defends the Enchanted Castle where a pure-hearted knight devotedly guards the Sacred Chalice. The Sacred Chalice is the font of peace, nature and life. It was concealed from the eyes of humans because they were not worthy of it. Only three knights succeeded in attaining it, and only one, who was free from sin, became its King. 

Before the astonished gaze of his two companions, the pure-hearted knight and the Sacred Chalice were plucked from Earth with the promise that they would be returned when the dwellers of this world were worthy of beholding the chalice and drinking from it. The Golden Dragon was summoned to carry the Guardian knight to the Enchanted Castle, in the heart of the Hidden Wood, and to watch over him until the Sacred Chalice returns to Earth.

Then, all the Dragons will fly to meet him, carrying on their backs pure men, and all will pay homage to the Bearer of the Chalice and to the Golden Dragon. And then all Nature will be cured of its wounds. Fear and hatred will disappear. Virgins and dragons will be friends, and the era of Peace will dawn, shrouded in the golden radiance of the Sacred Chalice and in the sweetness of its life-giving Light.

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