David Stevenson
2011 - 5th Avenue, Apt. #508
Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 728-0270

David Stevenson had a great head start as an illustrator.
He was born in Eugene, Oregon, to a family in the art
business. His grandfather was a local artist who also
owned the local art store; consequently, David was
furnished with all of the tools he needed.

When he was twelve years old, his father opened an art
gallery and frame shop. It was there that David began
to study and draw from the works that surrounded him.
Though he was heavily influenced by the nature and
wildlife pieces that hung in the gallery, he continued
to draw what interested him the most -- Fantasy.

After graduating from high school, David moved to
Seattle, Washington, to attend the Art Institute of
Seattle. From there, he began illustrating on a
freelance basis. His projects have included a
promotional poster for the annual art and science
celebration in Corvallis, Oregon, cartoons published
and distributed nationally by King Features Syndicate,
and illustrations for a diabetic health care book
published by Contemporary Books.

For the past three years, David's fantasy artwork has
been displayed at the annual Origionals in Miniature art
show in Corvallis, alongside other noted artists as
Michael Whelan and Don Maitz. His work can currently
be seen at most Northwest science fiction/fantasy
convention art shows.

David now lives in Seattle, where he fuels his
creativity with caffeine. He gladly welcomes any
inquiries regarding his art.