Ellisa Hawke Mitchell
P.O. Box 47
Woodlawn, TX 75694

(903) 935-6459

While Ellisa Mitchell is currently a professional illustrator
for science fiction books and games, her specialty is sculpture.
Her bronzes have been exhibited at the Delaware Museum in the
First Invitational Exhibition of the National Academy of
Fantastic Art, the largest and most prestigious show of its
kind ever assembled. However, she is best known for the
colorful and imaginative work which has appeared at science
fiction convention art shows all over the country; magical
unicorns, fierce dragons, gryphons, spirit-guardians, and all
the other creatures of dreams.

Ellisa Mitchell lives in the alligator-infested swamps of East
Texas, surrounded by a large collection of unusual pets; a
menagerie which included seventy cats (at last count), three dogs,
an Arabian horse, miniature Sicilian donkeys, several pet rats,
fish, and a yard full of poultry. As an anatomist and animal
portraitist, the animals provide inspiration for Ellisa's work;
both the fan art and the bronzes. "I never stop studying," said
Ellisa, when discussing her craft. "I want things to work. If
I put wings on an animal, or design a dragon, I want to be sure
those wings would support the animal, and that all the muscles
and bones are correct."

Ellisa works out of her home, creating interiors for books and
games across the country. She has illustrated the works of
Orson Scott Card, Judith Tarr, Larry Niven, Robert Jordan,
Vernor Vinge, Tad Williams, Kathleen and Michael Gear, and Diana
Paxson, among many others. She is the main interior illustrator
for TOR Books and St. Martin's Press, and has illustrated for
many game companies, including TSR, Gary Gigax, GDW, and Iron
Crown. She currently plans to expand further into the realm of
fantasy bronze.