Mark J. Ferrari
P.O. Box 721
Mendocino, CA 95460

Mark Ferrari, believe it or not, does his color work in Berel
Prismacolors...that's right, colored pencils! To look at the
rich colors and intricate details of his work, of all the media
available for an artist to work in, that would be the last one
you would imagine. Oils, yes; acrylics, almost certainly;
watercolors, perhaps; colored pencils, never. His originals
have drawn broad acclaim where ever they are seen and he has
won many awards for his artwork.

Mark was one of those artists who seemed to spring upon the
science fiction/fantasy art world full blown, with no fumbling
around the amateur ranks for years before being "discovered."
While he has studied art, at the California College of Arts and
Crafts in Oakland, his only college degree is in English.

His first professional illustration commission was for Peterson's
(Chaosium, 1987), and he has done many works for other book
publications and packagers since then. Also in 1987, he started
working for Lucasfilm doing computer graphics, an area he has
continued to work in. One of his most notable achievements in
computer graphics was the moving (literally) illustrations for
the recent datebook program, SEIZE THE DAY.