Monika Livingstone
P.O. Box 458
Brookdale, CA 95007

(408) 335-3888

Award-winning artist Monika Livingstone was born in Tampa,
Florida, but has spent most of her life on the West Coast.
Even at an early age, her artistic tendencies were
apparent. From crayons and water colors, to inking and
airbrushing, it seems she has always had a drawing or painting
tool in her hands.

Although she is mostly known for her airbrush and cartoon work,
she is also highly skilled as an illustrator and fine artist.
She has been exhibiting her artwork in science-fiction/fantasy
convention art shows since the early 1980's, and has won several
awards in those shows. Her fresh and unique approach has made
her a favorite among many fans

Monika rose to national fame in the mid-1980's for her work in
the comic book industry. She has worked with several companies
including DC, Marvel, Eclipse, Fantagraphics, Viz, and Thoughts &
Images on a variety of different titles. One of these titles,
"Rufus The Red," was her own creation.
Monika has also gained experience designing and painting display
signs for Tower Records, and golf course benches for Benchcraft.
She has done custom work for a variety of clients that includes
record album covers, advertising art, corporation officers'
portraits, banners, corporate magazine covers, truck and car
detailing, and more. Her custom airbrushing of T-shirts (and
other clothing) has become well known not only on the West Coast,
but nationally and internationally as well.

With knowledge received from college and private tutoring, as
well as years of practical work experience, Monika has also
given some of her talent back by serving as an instructor for
the Multnomah Advertising Art School and the National Airbrush
Institute Seminar. She has also given private instruction in
airbrushing and drawing techniques.

From humor to nature, from fantasy to drama, her dynamic style
allows Monika Livingstone to cross over between artistic
categories. Sometimes whimsical, often powerful, her work is
always first class art.