A Dragon's Dream

I watch ye gaze on me, in awe and wonder.
And yet thou'd wrest from me my final breath!
How can it be that ye could do this deed Sir?
Allow thine self to revel in my death?

Just look anew! Can ye not see the magic?
Make clear thine eyes. Believe now what ye see.
Or can it be that ye are blind to all Sir!
Save that I should be slain, but such as ye?

Did ye not once believe all life is sacred?
Were ye not taught, that under sky and sun.
We beasts should wander freely and unfettered.
Be treated as thine equals. One to one?

'Tis tragic to adhere thyself to cruelty.
To wander far. Blood splattered in thine tread!
With hate a close companion on thy journeys.
'Tis no life, which is lived among the dead!

Do I see doubt within thy darkened eyes Sir?
Concern perchance? Borne on the wind it sings.
Sheath thy sword. Give thought to all I tell ye.
Come. Sit awhile. Stay warm beneath my winngs.

We Dragons are renowned for wondrous stories!
Some, though fiction, have their seeds in truth.
We tell of death, of honour and of glories.
Tales of widom, fickle tales of youth.

I wish now to convery to you a story.
Believe it Knight. For truth I do impart.
Come closer Sir. Lest night's cool chill doth harm thee.
As I now tell of one who broke my heart.

Long, long ago. Before ye came to be Sir.
Before the mountains rose, or trees grew high.
I lost my heart and soul to one like thee Knight.
And I believed he loved one, such as I.

Though I was warned by others of my species.
To be aware. Trust not this warring Knight.
I saw no evil in him. Only goodness.
He filled my nights with stars. My days with light.

How strong he stood! How handsome were his features.
How much he did profess his love for me.
And yet how soon he cooled in his affections.
Too late I knew! Yet plain it was to see!

One dreadful night, my Knight in all his glory.
Came to our lair, and slaughtered all but one.
'Twas I he left. In misery and shame Sir.
For days I searched for life, where there was none.

Soon I took flight. I came upon this forest.
Bereft of feeling. Saddened by my loss.
I made a bed of sticks within this cave Sir.
Praying I would die amidst the moss.

'Twas then ye came. I watched ye from afar Knight.
I saw thine gentleness with creatures wild.
I've see ye heal a fawn. Make new a fox cub.
As a parent, caring for a child.

I see thy goodness. Know thy heart is gentle.
Beneath that cold facade, a kindly Knight.
So could ye now acknowledge, though a Dragon.
I too possess a heart that's good and right?

Ye raise thy sword! Ye bow to me with pride Sir.
Ye smile and say I never more need fear.
I hear ye tell me that ye will return soon.
Free of lance, of armour and of spear.

Farewell good Knight. Return soon to my lair.
I'll show ye sights no other yet has seen.
We'll travel to the stars and even further.
And live a life that's gentle and serene.

No more to wander nightly on thy quest Sir.
Let blood not flow from sword or spear or lance.
But rather spend our days in heady wonder.
That fate has given us this final chance.

You fade from view. Disolve before mine eyes Sir!
Ye were a dream! A fantasy......and yet..!
If I might find just one Knight who will listen.
Perhaps one day a different path I'll set.

Naive perhaps, to hope that I will find him.
But hope stays strongly beating in my breast.
One day I know a Knight will fill my vision.
Wise of heart. More kindly than the rest.

He'll look on me and see a wise old Dragon.
Scarred and torn. But proud of soul and true!
And he will still his sword. And he will hark then.
And I will tell him all I've told to you...

But I must rest. I'm tired without reason.
'Tis dark. Though stars doth tease the sky with light.
I scan the blackness...shadows come towards me.
I look in awe upon a wondrous sight.

A thousand Dragons fill the sky with brightness!
They call to me. They bid me take their claws.
Without a thought, I rise now from my lair.
No need of wings...no backward glance...no pause.

I go where there is only calm and glory.
Where Knights and Dragons sit as friends, by streams.
No need to hope.... An ending to my story.
My heart takes flight. And I fulfill my dreams...

A Dragon's Dream is copyright of Firefly5000 1999
and is reprinted with her permission
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