Dragons And Other Fantasy Creatures
The Earth Dragon
Receptive And Calm,
Yielding And Blithe,
The Earth Dragon Gives All
Beauty And Life.
The Thunder Dragon
Sleeping Soundly
His Powers Conceled,
Awakened Suddenly
They're Loudly Revealed!
The Creative Dragon
Tap Heavenly Power
And You'll Find
This Dragon's Moving 
Through Your Mind.
The Water Dragon
He Sleeps In The Sea
And Flies To The Sky.
His Goodness Flows
To All Nearby.
The Wind Dragon
Sweeping The Mind
Free And Clean,
Sweeping Gently, Deeply,
Wisdom's Seen!
The Fire Dragon
Fiery Dragon-
Glowing, Blazing Bright
Shooting Flames
That Light The Night.
The Mountain Dragon
Great And Graceful
Quiet And Firm-
This Dragon's Lesson
Is Wise To Learn.
The Lake Dragon
As Joyful Lakes
Are Fed By Brooks,
So Knowledge Feeds
Our Minds By Books.
The Golden  Dragon
Protecting The Earth
From Anger And Greed.
Golden Dragons Work 
So All Will Be Freed.
The Heavenly Dragon
The Heavenly Dragon
Flies Everywhere-
On The Earth, In Our Minds-
In Our Hearts, In Our Prayers!
The Phoenix
The Phoenix
Is The Dragon's Wife.
She Helps Him Right
The Wrongs Of Life.
The Unicorn
If You Find
A  Unicorn-
Luck, Long Life
And Joy Are Born!