The Maiden

A Dragon came to me one night.
His tale as yet untold.
On beauteous wings bathed gold and white.
His story did unfold.

Conveyed in booming, thundrous way.
The Dragon did impart.
The saddest tale about a Maid.
And how she broke his heart.

He met her nightly, he did tell.
Within a darkened wood.
With feelings which he could not quell.
And gentle heart of good.

But from the Maiden's eyes did dart.
Dark evil, at it's best.
Though fair she looked, a blackened heart.
Did beat within her breast.

With salty tears upon her face.
And furrows on her brow.
She begged the beast to leave this place.
'Twas then she made her vow.

"I'll marry ye." The Maiden said.
"I care not what ye are.
So come with me." She kissed his brow.
"And follow yonder star."

Quite willingly the Dragon went.
With Maiden he did soar.
He travelled far, 'till tired and spent.
He could not travel more.

Then as I watched, upon his breast.
A reddened stain appeared.
I went to him, and bathed him lest.
On dagger he was speared.

With gentle touch I cleansed his wound.
As softly he did groan.
I felt that I was deeply bound.
As though he were mine own.

"Who did this deed?" I gently asked.
"The Maiden!" He replied.
I clasped his head between my claws.
And held him, as he died.

Whilst later, walking through the wood.
I came upon a place.
And as in silence there I stood.
I saw a wondrous face.

The Maiden smiled. Like sweet caress.
It washed me in it's glow.
"Please stay." She said. I answered "Yes."
Seeing friend - not foe.....

Within her cottage, by a wall.
Four Dragon's tails were set.
I felt the blow, and I did fall....
My slayer also met...

And now I watch my fate arise.
No beauty do I see.
But hatred deep within her eyes.
For Dragons.....such as me.

The Maiden is copyright of Firefly5000 1999
and is reprinted with her permission

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