Elderly Mermaid

One time from my creaky boat heard someone talk to me
A woman sinking as the stars in the moonlighted sea
So tired, so old and weak
She crept inside and breathed hard
She hadn’t stopped from so far
I’d light a campfire, warmed some food
Then she’d just sit and talk

She told me about her lifetime trip
No place to stop, nothing to grip
Trying to leave back everything she’d hate
Looked like that was her fate
She’d made some friends I soon could meet
The crab, the starfish and the squid
“Why don’t you quit them all and follow me ‘til death
How long can you hold your breath?”

Make me dive as deep as you
Help me lead you to your deathbed
Show me all of the treasures you’ve ever had
I’m feeling so misled

Lead me underwater, babe
Leave your sadness, throw your pains
And so we kissed and so we cried and so we fled
And then came the rain…