Mermaid In The Night

I went out fishing on a sandy beach
Cast my line out as far as it would reach
Looking for something for the frying pan
I kick back with a beer in my hand

I must've got a big one cause it's bending my pole
I'm having to fight just to keep control
It could be a whale, God only knows
Whatever it is it's not wearing any clothes

She's larger than life
Made from holy water
Covered in green
And got little scales upon her
She's larger than life
She's a mermaid in the night

She's got a set of gills, like no fish I've ever seen
Long blonde hair and a tail in between
I'm in love with a creature from the sea
She brings out the crustacean in me

Her voice is a temptation it's a siren song
When we kiss there could be no wrong
I ask her to marry me, to be my wife
Do the backstroke the rest of our lives

[Chorus 2xs]

Mermaid in the night
Little mermaid in the night
I think I'll have to catch her