Pirate Lullaby

Sleep bonnie pirate laddie, while the waves they roll
Sleep bonnie pirate laddie, ocean breezes blow
Feel the ship rock to and fro, hear wind through rigging sigh
The gentle ocean sounds below, a pirate lullaby

Storms rise upon the seas as clouds darken up high
See the sails begin to stretch as winds fall from the sky
Waves roll and toss the ship roughly from side to side
Taste the salt upon your lips from the fury of the tide

Grab the hatches, batten down as waves they crest the bow
Main sail furl, secure the deck else every man might drown
Drop the anchor, ride the storm, and pray with all your might
Feel thunder clap and racing heart as you struggle for your life


Storm doth wane and fade away as clouds drift off with sighs
See on high, the azure hue, of gentle soft blue skies
Waves fall and calm goes all, the sea now lightly rolls
Taste the tang of sea and sweat, as salt winds gently blow

Grasp the ropes and hoist the sails itís back to port your bound
The main sail billows large and full, soon youíll be on dry ground
Weigh the anchor, spin the wheel, this day oíer nature win
Feel spray of sea, the oceanís kiss, youíre on your way again